Will there be a season 2 of Cruel Summer on Hulu?

Get ready to witness all that mystery and Y2K fashion because Cruel Summer is officially coming back with its second season. Cruel Summer has lived up to its name by being cruel to all of its characters, and that’s something we loved watching.

What will season 2 of Cruel Summer be about?

Cruel Summer is returning to Freeform as an anthology series. The second season will feature a whole new cast, a new mystery and the show’s third showrunner. Set in an idyllic waterfront town in the Pacific Northwest, the second chapter follows the rise and fall of an intense teenage friendship.

Is Cruel Summer coming out with a season 2?

“Cruel Summer” was renewed for season two in June 2021 after a premiere season that was so buzzy Freeform president Tara Duncan called it the “biggest series debut” in the network’s history at the time in a statement to Insider.

How many seasons of Cruel Summer are there?

Cruel Summer / Number of seasons

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Is Cruel Summer a true story?

Thankfully, Cruel Summer isn’t actually based on real events. Since the show addresses various themes including jealousy, teen depression and the desire for validation, it’s common for viewers to wonder whether the series is based on real stories.

How long was Kate Wallis in the basement?

Kate was missing for just about ten months. For the first four months, she slept in the same bed as Martin and roamed his house freely. For the last six months, she was locked in his basement.

Did Jeanette know Kate was kidnapped?

Kate tells the mystery voice upstairs that she is the missing girl and that Martin has her trapped in the basement. But as the sound of Radiohead’s “Creep” begins to play, Jeanette smiles and leaves Kate trapped in the basement, revealing that she did know Kate was there in 1994 — and she left her there.

Does Cruel Summer have an ending?

Jeanette knew that Kate was trapped there and did nothing to help her, capitalizing on her new perfect life. A true monster, Jeanette gets away with one of the most heinous acts of the series with the world back on her side. This is the final twist that makes Jeanette the true villain of “Cruel Summer.”

Is Olivia Holt in season 2 of Cruel Summer?

Olivia Holt and Chiara Aurelia will not reprise their roles as Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner in season 2. Instead, a new Cruel Summer Season 2 cast and showrunner take over the anthology series.

How many episodes are in Cruel Summer?

Cruel Summer / Number of episodes

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Who is the villain in Cruel Summer?

Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) is one of the main protagonists and a plot-twist villainess from Season One of Cruel Summer.

How long did Cruel Summer take to film?

The first season of Cruel Summer was filmed over six months in Dallas, Texas.

Where is Cruel Summer filmed?

The thriller takes place in the fictional town of Skylin, Texas, and each episode focuses on the same day over the course of three years: 1993, 1994 and 1995. And get this! The series was actually filmed in Texas – Dallas to be exact.

Is Skylin a real place?

Related Video. A recent state court ruling restricts gun bans on certain types of public property. Set in the fictional small town of Skylin, Texas, the production was actually lensed throughout Dallas and its environs. A few of the local spots used include The Charles E.

Who is Ben in Cruel Summer?

Cruel Summer (TV Series 2021– ) – Nathaniel Ashton as Ben Hallowell – IMDb.

Is there a Skylin Texas?

By now, we know that Cruel Summer is not based on a true story (honestly, thank goodness), and the town the story is based in, Skylin, Texas, doesn’t actually exist.

Was Cruel Summer filmed in San Antonio Texas?

Shot over the course of six months in Dallas, the show takes place over three summers in the early nineties.

What year is cruel summer set in?

Set in the fictional town of Skylin, Texas, each episode focuses on the same day over the course of three years: 1993, 1994, and 1995.

What high school was in cruel summer?

Skylin High School is a public education high school for grades eight through twelve. It is the only high school in Skylin, Texas.

Did Jeanette see Kate in the basement in Cruel Summer?

It then cuts to a scene from the summer of 1994, where the cool girl version of Jeanette is in Harris’s house. She walks into the house and calls out ‘hello’ to check that no one is home. But this time someone answers. It’s Kate in the basement and she tells Jeanette who she is and what’s happened to her.

Who kidnapped Kate Cruel Summer?

This episode showed how deep Martin Harris stuck his claws into Kate. Even though Kate’s situation from 1993 to 1994 sort of started to become more clear in the last two episodes — that she first went to his house willingly at first — episode nine showed the audience just how it went down.


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