Who is the voice of Evil-Lyn in Masters of the Universe?

Evil-Lyn/Voiced by

Who Is Evil-Lyn’s father?

In the 2002 revival of the franchise and its accompanying animated media, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002), Evil-lyn was revealed to be the daughter of the powerful sorcerer, the Faceless One, who lived in isolation in the ruins of Zalesia as the guardian of a precious artefact called the Ram Stone.

Is Hordak Evil-Lyn’s father?

daughter. Hordak meeting Evil-Lyn, announcing his plans to bring his people to Eternia and revealing to her that he is her father.

Who was Skeletor’s sidekick?

Skeletor’s most constant animal companion is Panthor. Panthor is Skeletor’s evil feline companion, a giant purple panther who serves as an evil counterpart to Battle Cat. Panthor is portrayed as Skeletor’s pet, being at the right of his throne.

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Is Skeletor He-Man’s uncle?

It has been generally accepted that these two characters are in fact the same man, although this was never directly stated in any canon until the Masters of the Universe Classics line onward. As a result of Keldor’s introduction to the mythos, Skeletor is unwittingly the uncle of his archnemesis He-Man.

Is Hordak a Skeletor?

Hordak is a fictional character in the Masters of the Universe franchise who opposes She-Ra and He-Man, as well as the franchise’s main villain, Skeletor, to whom he was once a mentor, and the cause of the latter’s ambition and pursuits of evil.

Who are Skeletor’s henchmen?

  • Skeletor – Leader.
  • Beast-Man – Second-In-Command.
  • Evil-Lyn – Alternate Second-In-Command.
  • Kobra Khan.
  • Trap Jaw.
  • Mer-Man.
  • Clawful.
  • Jitsu.

Did He-Man ever defeat Skeletor?

Though Skeletor is eventually defeated, he was able to stop them from learning the truth. The entire truth would be revealed in the 2002 animated TV series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. There it was explained that Keldor was Randor’s half-brother and the uncle to He-Man.

Who is motherboard at the end of He-Man?

Motherboard is revealed to be a living, technological entity, who nano-infects Skeletor into being one of its minions. There is a symbol upon it, drenched in red. It’s for the Horde, an intergalactic empire with ties to She-Ra, the female equivalent to He-Man.

Who was the villain in He-Man?

Filmation series (1983-1987)

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In the Filmation version, Skeletor is the main antagonist in the 1983 show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and he was voiced by Alan Oppenheimer. In the past, when Hordak and his Horde invaded Eternia, Hordak took Skeletor on as his apprentice.

How did Skeletor lose his face?


Keldor was the student of Hordak, leader of the Evil Horde, and ended up staging a coup against the then-Captain Randor in the Hall of Wisdom. Randor and his troops fought back, and he and Keldor became locked in a one-on-one confrontation that saw them equally matched.

What does Skeletor say?

Skeletor shouts “No you cowards, come back here!

How old is Skeletor?

1981 Skeletor: Skeletor was the second toy ever made for Masters of the Universe, immediately following He-Man. He was released in 1981 in the first wave of Masters of the Universe toys.

What was He-Man’s catchphrase?

By the power of Greyskull! He-Man : I have the Power! Cringer became the Mighty Battle Cat, and I became He-Man the most powerful man in the universe. Only a few others share this secret

Is Adora He-Man’s sister?

She-Ra was introduced in the movie The Secret of the Sword as Force Captain Adora of the Horde ruling Etheria, but turned out to be Princess Adora, the long-lost twin sister of He-Man, Prince Adam.

What is hemans name?

In more than a few comic book and animated series He-Man’s (and She Ra’s) origins had been revised: his true identity was Prince Adam of Eternia, son of King Randor and Queen Marlena (an earthling), who gave birth to twins Prince Adam/He-Man and Princess Adora/She Ra (Adora was abducted by the Evil Horde led by Hordak)

Does Adam marry Teela?

Taking his rightful place as his father’s heir, Adam became King He-Man ruling over all Eternia with his wisdom and strength. He married Teela and together with their son Dare took over his father’s legacy as the new He-Ro, defender of Eternia and the wielder of the Sword of Power.

Is fisto man at arms brother?

According to Fisto, he left home at an early age when Man-At-Arms “was just a kid”, implying that Fisto is the older brother and Man-At-Arms the younger brother. It is never revealed as to whether or not he has a name other than Fisto, as Man-At-Arms’ real name is Duncan.

What is grayskull She-Ra?

Grayskull was a rebel group, which a former She-Ra named Mara worked with in order to overthrow the people trying to harness Etheria’s magic. Season five has a rough environmentalist message, with the First Ones revealed not as all-powerful sages but people grabbing for resources.

Are Adora and Adam siblings?

Continuity. Princess Adora is a fictional character in the Masters of the Universe franchise. She is the twin sister of Prince Adam and the alter ego of She-Ra.

What is Catra’s full name?

Catra’s real name really is Catra Applesauce Meowmeow | She ra, The creator, Princess of power.


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