Who is strongest in Dragon Ball universe?

1 Zeno Is The Strongest Character(s) In Dragon Ball

Zeno’s power to remove entire Universes from existence without even breaking a sweat is proof of the fact the Omni-King is the strongest being in the entire Dragon Ball series.

Who are the top 5 strongest in Dragon Ball?

There are many powerful characters in this movie, but only one can be the strongest.
  1. 1 Whis. While the gods of destruction are a near impossible force to surpass, that of the angels is even greater.
  2. 2 Beerus. Lord Beerus isn’t the first ‘Cat God’ in Dragon Ball.
  3. 3 Gohan.
  4. 4 Cell Max.
  5. 5 Piccolo.
  6. 6 Broly.
  7. 7 Goku.
  8. 8 Vegeta.

Who is stronger than Zeno?

Zeno is NOT the strongest character.in dragon ball | Fandom. Super Shenron being stronger than Zeno is debatable at best. Supreme Kai, who knows about Super Shenron and what he’s capable of, did say that NO ONE can beat Zeno. They also said that Super Shenron can grant the user ANYTHING.

Who can beat Jiren?

Dragon Ball characters who can beat Jiren with ease
  • Beerus, as seen in the Super anime. (
  • Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, as seen in the Super anime. (
  • Vegito, as seen in the Super anime. (
  • Hit, as seen in the Super anime. (
  • Piccolo, as seen in the Super anime. (
  • Future Trunks, as seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime. (

Who is strongest in Dragon Ball universe? – Related Questions

Who can defeat Goku ultra instinct?

Also a God of Destruction, Beerus has access to techniques against which UI provides no benefit. Not only could Beerus easily defeat Ultra Instinct Goku, but he could do so instantly should he desire, a feat no one else on this list can achieve.

Is there someone above Zeno?

Is there a God above Zeno? (and 9 more unanswered questions about Dragon Ball’s Omni-King) Dragon Ball Super introduced the Gods of Destruction, their Angels, and the one who rules above them all, Zeno.

Who can defeat Omni King Zeno?

This post is locked. Zeno can be killed by somebody faster than he can see. This video confirms it. Dyspo, UI Goku and Hit may possibly be able to kill the Omni King if they got the chance.

Who can defeat Zeno in Marvel?

1) Darkseid (DC)

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He’s the God of Tyranny in the DC universe and never hesitates to brutalize or put anyone down on his hellish planet of Apokolips.

Who is stronger Zeus or Zeno?

Powers and Abilities

He is also the true most powerful being of the Roman Mythology. Zeus is said to be stronger than Odin, Juno, Amun-Ra, Izanagi, Zeno, Metatron, Brahma, Poseidon, Uriel, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo and Gabriel, but not as strong as Goku, Olorun and Michael.

Who can defeat Beerus?

1) Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)

Can Zeus beat Beerus?

1 Beerus Beats Zeus Because Of His Powerful Ki

When Goku first meets Beerus in Dragon Ball Super he battles the god in order to stop him from destroying Earth. It is unclear whether Zeus could do battle in space, but even if he could, he would be going to war without the sky backing him up.

Can Zeno erase one above all?

The one above all is far above zeno, zeno can erase people out of existence but not the one above all because he is out of space and time. Zeno is not omnipotent while the one above all is. The one above all is transparent meaning he cant even be touched by anything so zeno would not be able to even do anything to him.

Who created Zeno?

So far we’ve talked about how Zeno is incredibly powerful. And yet he is still not the most powerful. That credit goes to Tori-Bot, the in-universe representation of the series creator Akira Toriyama.

Is Goku Omni King?

Goku is the Omni-King of the 13 Multi-verses in which he reigns over all the gods in the omniverse.

How old is Zeno?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Zeno came into existence 8.5 million years ago and it might just be a reference to how long he’s been the Omni-King. It’s hard to believe that the multiverse could exist for this long when Zeno exhibits such reckless, destructive tendencies.

Is Zeno a boy or girl?

Zeno is a masculine name of Greek origin, meaning “gift of Zeus.” Formed from the name Zenon and the ancient derivative of Zeus, this timeless name holds powerful significance to those intrigued by Greek mythology. The ancient Hellenes worshipped Zeus as the father of gods and the ruler of the sky.

How old is Beerus?

c.75 million

Who is the dad of Zeno?

Zeno was the son of a certain Teleutagoras and the pupil and friend of Parmenides.

Would Zeno erase Goku if he lost?

yes. Zeno sees goku as a friend. and a source of fun. while the plot of dragon ball would take another blow if it happened, technically goku can’t permanently die because Zeno would either resurrect him or use the super dragon balls to resurrect him.

Can Beerus defeat Zeno?

The Omni-King of the Dragon Ball franchise, Zeno, is undoubtedly stronger than Beerus. Zeno is, in fact, so much stronger than Beerus that the Destroyer is terrified of angering or upsetting him.

Who is the strongest destroyer?

1) Beerus. Beerus is the God of Destruction hailing from Universe 7. He is the strongest God of Destruction among the 12 universes in Dragon Ball. He trained with Whis, which makes him extremely powerful, and it would take Beerus barely any effort to completely obliterate his opponents.


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