Who created the DBZ universes?

Akira Toriyama is credited as the original creator, as well for “original story & character design concepts.”

Did Zeno create the universes?

After destroying Zamasu and the entire multiverse in the future, Zeno was unable to create a new reality and simply existed in limbo until Goku brought him back to the present.

Who made Dragon Ball Multiverse?

Dragon Ball Multiverse is a 1000+ page comic created by two French fans, Salagir and Gogeta Jr. Salagir is the main author, and Gogeta Jr. was the main artist before leaving the project in 2012 (the main artist is currently Asura).

Who created 18 universe in Dragon Ball?

Android 18 (Japanese: 人造人間18号, Hepburn: Jinzōningen Jū Hachi Gō, lit. “Artificial Human #18”) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama.

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Why did Zeno erase 6 universes?

If i am not mistaken zeno destroyed 6 universes because he was angry so there was 18 universes. That means that universe 7 was the twin universe of universe 12 so why universe 12 doesnt have the same kind of mortals like saiyans.

Who is stronger than Zeno?

Zeno is NOT the strongest character.in dragon ball | Fandom. Super Shenron being stronger than Zeno is debatable at best. Supreme Kai, who knows about Super Shenron and what he’s capable of, did say that NO ONE can beat Zeno. They also said that Super Shenron can grant the user ANYTHING.

Did Android 17 wish back all 18 universes?

In literal terms, no. This is a case of technicalities, as while his wish did restore all of the destroyed Universes, there were several that were left untouched. Universes 1, 5, 8, 12, and, of course, 7, were untouched by Zeno, and as such, didn’t need to be restored.

What is universe 18 in Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball
Android 18 / Fictional universe

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Who is the God of Universe 12?

It is the universe with the second highest mortal level. The God of Destruction of Universe 12 is Giin, the Supreme Kai is Agu, and the Angel is Martinu.

How many universes did Zeno erase?

Personality. Like many deities, such as the angels, Zeno seems to have a general indifference about life, as well as all the other stuff within the multiverse, having destroyed six of the eighteen universes after a bout of anger, and also destroying several planets in a game he played with his future self 202 times.

Who defeated Zeno?

1) Tenchi Kami

anime features Tenchi, who is a God who has lost his memories and discovers that he created the universe he lives in. In addition to Reality Warping, Light Manipulation, True Flight, Portal Creation, Time Travel, Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence, he possesses numerous other Godly powers.

Would Zeno erase Goku if he lost?

yes. Zeno sees goku as a friend. and a source of fun. while the plot of dragon ball would take another blow if it happened, technically goku can’t permanently die because Zeno would either resurrect him or use the super dragon balls to resurrect him.

Who is the dad of Zeno?

Zeno was the son of a certain Teleutagoras and the pupil and friend of Parmenides.

Who trained Zeno?

The main source of our knowledge of Zeno comes from the dialogue Parmenides written by Plato. Zeno was a pupil and friend of the philosopher Parmenides and studied with him in Elea. The Eleatic School, one of the leading pre-Socratic schools of Greek philosophy, had been founded by Parmenides in Elea in southern Italy.

How old is Beerus?

c.75 million

Is Goku The Omni King?

Goku is the Omni-King of the 13 Multi-verses in which he reigns over all the gods in the omniverse.

What is Goku’s final stage?

Final thoughts

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There’s no debate that the Mastered Ultra Instinct is Goku’s strongest form as of 2021. It’s established as more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved.

How fast is Goku mph?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot estimates that Goku’s power levels are around 10 billion as of the Babidi Saga. By applying the same formula, this means that Goku, without Instant Transmission, can travel 22.321 trillion MPH — or 33,314 times the speed of light!

Who is the strongest destroyer?

1) Beerus. Beerus is the God of Destruction hailing from Universe 7. He is the strongest God of Destruction among the 12 universes in Dragon Ball. He trained with Whis, which makes him extremely powerful, and it would take Beerus barely any effort to completely obliterate his opponents.

Who can beat Lord Beerus?

1) Zeno (Dragon Ball Super)

Can Beerus beat Jiren?

1) Beerus. Although Jiren is said to be able to defeat a God of Destruction, it’s unlikely Beerus is at risk of suffering that defeat. Beerus has yet to use 100% of his powers in Dragon Ball Super thus far, whereas Jiren at 100% struggled against Mastered Ultra Instinct (MUI) Goku.


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