Which is the densest state of matter?

Which is the densest state of matter? A superhot substance recently made in the Large Hadron Collider (pictures) is the densest form of matter ever observed, scientists announced this week. Known as a quark-gluon plasma, the primordial state of matter may be what the entire universe was like in the immediate aftermath of the big bang.

Which is more denser solid liquid or gas? A gas will change volume to fit the volume of the container. In general, solids are denser than liquids, which are denser than gases. . The particles in the solid are touching with very little space between them. The particles in a liquid usually are still touching but there are some spaces between them.

Is solid the most dense state? Solids usually have the highest density, but the density of solids are only slightly more dense compared to their liquid state.

What is the matter most density? Solid is of highest density due to its close packing of molecules inside a substance there is no space between the molecules and they are closely and linearly arranged inside the given surface.

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Why is solid the most dense?

The density of solids is higher than that of liquids because the particles are more compactly arranged in a solid with very less intermolecular spaces between them. In liquids, these intermolecular spaces are more and hence they are less dense.

Which is more dense oil or water?

Since the oil is lighter, it is less dense than water and floats on water.

Which liquid has the highest density?

We consider those elements which will be liquid in standard temperature and pressure and which have higher value of density. So in that the liquid which has the highest density is mercury.

Which matter has the lowest density?

Bulk matter can exist in three states: gas, liquid, and solid. Gases have the lowest density of the three, are highly compressible, and fill their containers completely.

Which of the following has the highest density?

The correct answer is Diamond. Among the following options, Diamond has the highest density. It has density, ranging from 3150 to 3530 kilograms per cubic metre. The density, of a substance, is its mass per unit volume.

What solid has highest density?

Iron has the highest density as the particles are closely packed and volume occupied is less which makes the density very high. Was this answer helpful?

Which gas has the highest density?

The densest gas element is either radon (monatomic), xenon (which forms Xe2 rarely), or possibly Oganesson (element 118). Oganesson may, however, be a liquid at room temperature and pressure.

What are the 3 most dense elements?

List of densest materials:
  • Tungsten – 19.3 x 103 kg/m.
  • Uranium – 18.8 x 103 kg/m.
  • Tantalum – 16.6 x 103 kg/m.
  • Mercury – 13.6 x 103 kg/m.
  • Rhodium – 12.4 x 103 kg/m.
  • Thorium – 11.7 x 103 kg/m.
  • Lead – 11.3 x 103 kg/m.
  • Silver – 10.5 x 103 kg/m.

What has a lot of density?

Examples of dense materials include iron, lead, or platinum. Many kinds of metal and rock are highly dense. Dense materials are more likely to ‘feel’ heavy or hard.

Which gas is heavier than water?

CO2, Ar, N2, O2, Cl2, Kr, Xe, SF6, and WF6 all have molecular masses greater than that of water’s. Or are you referring to density? The density of water vapor is 0.804 g/L, and all of the above gases are more dense than water vapor.

Can gas sink water?

Since its specific gravity is 0.6 (less than 1), gasoline floats in water. So when a ship leaks gasoline into the water, the gasoline stays at the top of the water. In contrast, the specific gravity of palmalive is 1.1, so it sinks in water. When a substance is mixed with water, one of three results will occur.


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