What’s next in The Walking Dead universe?

But it is true. The Walking Dead: Dead City is coming in 2023 with Eli Journé, an executive producer and writer on The Walking Dead, as the showrunner for. As you can see, the title went through a change from the previous Isle of the Dead that AMC had been using since around March 2022.

What year is it in The Walking Dead universe?

Fear the Walking Dead began in late summer 2010 and is currently in the summer of 2014. The Walking Dead: World Beyond began in late summer 2020 and ended in the autumn of 2020. Tales of The Walking Dead, being an anthology series, takes place at different times, ranging from 2010 all the way to 2045.

How many years have passed in The Walking Dead universe?

AMC’s The Walking Dead has finally confirmed how many years have passed since the zombie apocalypse first began in TWD’s timeline. Apparently, the world fell apart around 13 years ago.

What is the spin-off of Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead/Spin-offs

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Is there a Rick and Michonne spin-off?

The Walking Dead. At The Walking Dead’s final Comic-Panel in San Diego on July 22, fans were treated to a surprise appearance and announcement by Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, when the duo walked on stage to reveal they had a new Rick and Michonne spin-off series coming to AMC.

Will there be a Rick Grimes spin-off?

The Rick/Michonne spinoff is one of three new series coming in 2023 that continue the stories of characters from The Walking Dead, including Isle of the Dead, starring Lauren Cohan’s Maggie and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, and the France-set spinoff focused on Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon.

Is there going to be a Maggie and Negan spin-off?

Isle of the Dead is no more. That’s because EW has learned that the Maggie and Negan Walking Dead spin-off starring Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has an official new title: The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Is there a Walking Dead video game?

The Walking Dead/Games

Where is The Walking Dead filmed?

“The Walking Dead” is the most-watched television series in basic cable history, based on the graphic novels by the same name, and has filmed exclusively in Georgia. It put locations in Atlanta, nearby Senoia and beyond on the map for fans of the show. The set for Alexandria is a real neighborhood in Senoia, Georgia.

When did The Walking Dead stop being good?

The results show that after the premiere of Season 7, where Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) were executed by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the ratings decline began.

How did Rick reach Atlanta?

Highway/Interstate 85 was the primary route used by Rick Grimes to reach the city of Atlanta in Georgia during AMC’s The Walking Dead pilot, “Days Gone Bye”. It is also the highway used by the police officer while he transported Lee Everett to jail in the Video Game.

Can you visit Walking Dead set?

Fans of AMC’s hit television series The Walking Dead can immerse themselves in the show’s zombie culture on three different tours to the studio in nearby Senoia, GA and other locations where the show is filmed.

Where is Hershel’s farm located?

Hershel’s Farm & The Prison

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Hershel’s Farm is just outside the town of Senoia on an unmarked road. The prison, as opposed to random internet rumors claiming it was filmed at an actual prison, is actually located at Raleigh Studios Atlanta.

Where is Walking Dead 2022 filmed?

Principal photography will take place in Manhattan, New York, while studio filming will commence in East Rutherford, New Jersey. AMC confirmed that the series will begin with a six-episode first season with the following plot description

Where is the hilltop located in The Walking Dead?

Hilltop is a fictional settlement located about 20 miles from the Alexandria Safe Zone. The set was built near the Raleigh Studios features a large mansion, known as Barrington House.

Where is the sanctuary filmed in The Walking Dead?

As showrunner Angela Kang confirms, the bustling, idyllic-looking town was built on the set at Riverwood Studios (formerly Raleigh studios) in Senoia, Ga., where TWD films, and it was actually constructed on the exact same spot of land that used to house the outside of the Sanctuary (the original home to Negan and the

Who ran the sanctuary before Negan?

After the war, Daryl Dixon took over leadership of the Sanctuary for 18 months before resigning. It was led by Carol Peletier for a time before Oceanside’s retaliation caused a split in the communities again.

Where did Negan live before the Apocalypse?

Here’s Negan

Prior to the outbreak, Negan lived in Reston, Virginia and was the coach of a local high school, keeping his players in line through intimidation and bullying. He is happily married to his wife, Lucille, but nonetheless has a mistress on the side who doesn’t know he is married.

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Where is Negan’s base?

The Sanctuary

Negan, being the savvy leader he is, hasn’t blabbed about The Sanctuary’s location the same way Gregory and Ezekiel have. It’s definitely in the Washington Metropolitan Area (so somewhere in D.C./Virginia/Maryland).

How far apart are The Walking Dead communities?

The centers of the two Virginia cities are roughly 72 miles apart, a journey which takes about 90 minutes by car. On foot, the journey would take nearly 23 hours — without the zombie apocalypse getting in the way.

Why did Negan become good?

He was trying to keep his wife alive and a series of bad situations led to him creating the group. Over time, he gained respect from his group members, becoming the leader. But back in Season 7, when Negan was still perceived as the villain, he still had his morals.


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