What science should I take for nursing?

Students in a nursing major are typically required to complete prerequisites in the natural and physical sciences and social and behavioral sciences, such as chemistry, psychology, and anatomy and physiology.

What science do nurses study?

Generally, a nursing student will study the periodic table in basic chemistry, moving on to biochemistry, which looks at biological and chemical processes in a body, including the formation of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.

Does being a nurse require science?

But the truth is that all nurses are scientists. To become a nurse, you don’t just learn human anatomy. The required prerequisites for nursing education are science courses, from high school to nursing school, where future nurses learn chemistry, microbiology, physics, genetics, pharmacology and pathophysiology.

What subject is most important for nursing?


This course in general includes laboratory work as well as classroom work. This is one of the most crucial nursing prerequisite classes because of how important microorganisms are to the human health.

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Can I study nursing without maths?

In simplest terms, we can say that in most of the cases (almost all cases), math is an important subject to have for nursing. This country is also known for providing industry-specific nursing courses. However, some universities can allow you to enter the course even without math.

Can you nurse without life science?

You don’t need to be a scientist to be a nurse. A good understanding of biology is a bonus but not always essential to get on to the course. Your nursing degree will cover human biology extensively. Courses often specify preferred or essential A-level or equivalent subjects, such as one science – usually biology.

What subjects do staff nurses need?

Staff Nurse Course includes the following subjects:
  • First Year. Fundamental of Nursing. Community Health Nursing I. Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Second Year. Medical and Surgical Nursing I. Medical and Surgical Nursing II. Nursing Care of Children.
  • Third Year. Leadership & Management. Midwifery & gynecology I. Midwifery & Gynecology II.
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What are the subject for nursing in jamb?

To study Nursing you need to sit for four (4) subjects in Jamb which are Physics, Jamb Use of English, Biology and Chemistry, and have at least credits (C6) in your Five (5) core courses which includes: English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Can I study nursing without Chemistry?

Chemistry isn’t necessary for nursing. Generally, universities have strict requirements about GCSE English and Maths but not about sciences.

What is the JAMB score for nursing?

To have a good chance of gaining admission to study a highly reputable, most competitive degree like Nursing Science, you’ll need a high JAMB score of 280 and above. You can study Nursing Science with a JAMB score of 200 or 280 and above but it solely depends on the school you are applying to.

Can I study nursing with D7 in Physics?

In fact, no school of nursing to date, be it private, state, or federal will accept a D7 or E8 pass or F9 in English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Maths.

Is E8 accepted in Korle Bu nursing training?

Yes, you can apply for nursing training with E8 in WASSCE.

Is D7 accepted in midwifery?

Midwifery doesn’t accept d7 for admission into their fraternity.

Which university accepts D7 in English?

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK/NAU) Anambra State accepts D7 in English Language. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University formerly Anambra State University Uli, Anambra State (COOU) accepts O’level pass (D7/E8) in English Language.

What is D7 WAEC result?

In this post, I will cover possible solutions you can use to gain admission even with Pass (D7/E8) or Fail (F9) in Waec.

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How To Gain Admission With D7, E8 or F9 On A Required Subject In Waec.

D7 Pass 45% – 49%
E8 Pass 40% – 45%
F9 Fail 0% – 44%

Can someone with D7 get admission?

How can I get admission to the university with D7? You can get admission to a university in Ghana with D7 if you agree to re-write the paper through NOVDEC. There are some institutions that also provide pre-programs for candidates to study and write NOVDEC before gaining admission or a matured entrance exams.

Is D7 a credit pass in NECO?

This is because both D7 and E8 are GENERALLY REFERRED to as pass. They’re not just credit passes such as C6, C5, or C4.

What score is A1 in NECO?

Excellent A+

What Mark is A1 in WAEC?

WASSCE Marking Scheme

For instance, in the WASSCE grades interpretation above, you will find that, to obtain A1, in WASSCE , you need to get marks of 71% to 100%, which is equivalent to 1 and interpreted as excellent.

Can I gain admission without JAMB?

Yes, you can also gain admission into National Open University (NOUN) without JAMB.

Which university is not using JAMB?

Not many are aware that there are some private institution that does not require JAMB before securing your spot. Some of those private institution include MADONNA, Babcock University, Bowen University, Redeemers University, Ajayi Crowther University, Al-Hikmah University and a few others.


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