What is your understanding of indigenous science Why is it important?

Indigenous science informs place-specific resource management and land-care practices important for environmental health of tribal and federal lands. We require greater recognition and support for tribal consultation and participation in the co-management, protection, and restoration of our ancestral lands.

What is indigenous science in the Philippines?

Sunga. During the early times, Filipinos tried to invent tools that will help them in everyday life. They also developed alternative ideas in explaining various phenomena and in explaining the world around them. This system of knowledge is called indigenous knowledge , which is the foundation of indigenous science.

What is indigenous knowledge and indigenous science?

Indigenous science incorporates traditional knowledge and Indigenous perspectives, while non-Indigenous scientific approaches are commonly recognized as Western science. Together, they contribute substantially to modern science.

What are examples of indigenous sciences?

Indigenous scientists are trained in various specializations such as herbalism, weather observations, mental health, and time keeping, and there are tests to ensure IS validity.

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What is the meaning of indigenous knowledge?

Local and indigenous knowledge refers to the understandings, skills and philosophies developed by societies with long histories of interaction with their natural surroundings. For rural and indigenous peoples, local knowledge informs decision-making about fundamental aspects of day-to-day life.

What is the role of indigenous science in science and technology?

Indigenous Science has a very crucial part in the development of Science and Technology. Indigenous Science is the scientific knowledge of all people who are cultural participants and are affected by the worldview and interests of their home communities and homeland.

What is indigenous technology examples?

One example of Indigenous Technologies in action today can be witnessed in differential approaches to medicine. Medical technologies in the Western Scientific sense of the term might conjure images of biomedical research labs, electromagnetic monitors or imaging systems such as CT or MRI scans.

What is the difference between modern science and indigenous science?

Another approach is that science and Indigenous Knowledge represent two different views of the world around us: science focuses on the component parts whereas Indigenous Knowledge presents information about the world in a holistic way. With this analysis it is possible to see how one system can complement the other.

What are the examples of traditional knowledge?

Traditional knowledge includes types of knowledge about traditional technologies of subsistence (e.g. tools and techniques for hunting or agriculture), midwifery, ethnobotany and ecological knowledge, traditional medicine, celestial navigation, craft skills, ethnoastronomy, climate, and others.

What is the difference between indigenous science and indigenous technology?

Native Science is a study of the whole; Indigenous technologies emerge from the implicate order to reflect the art of skillful living – and these bodies of knowledge employ the precision and rigour associated with western science.

What is the importance of indigenous science and technology in the Philippines?


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indigenous science is important that it helped the people in understanding the natural environment and in coping with everyday life.

What is the foundation of indigenous science?

Connection with place, with the land, is the foundation of Indigenous Knowledge. This means that each Indigenous group holds unique world views, technologies and pedagogies according to their environment and territories. Indigenous knowledge, passed on through the generations, was essential for sustaining life.

What are the advantages of indigenous technology?

Indigenous technology development controls integral part of country’s economy . Idigenous technology helps a country to achieve a self sustained economy. This could make a country independent and more powerful. It ensures that the country has a well established …

Why is it important to integrate indigenous knowledge technology?

The importance of IKS in this context becomes even more critical and significant. IKS provide tremendous knowledge and technology resource bases that tend to be sustainable, and which also focus on addressing needs in appropriate cultural contexts. IKS already have a head start in terms of sustainability.

What are the characteristics of indigenous technology?

Indigenous Technology is created within a sensory environment that builds on our sense of relationship, meaning, balance, feeling, memory and place as well as sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

What is the difference between indigenous and modern technology?

The modern technology using the national resources whereas the indigenous technology uses alternate material. For example instead of using coal and lime from factory if you use charcoal and seashell mortar for Housing construction.

How technology has been used to improve the well being of indigenous communities?

Currently, Indigenous peoples are utilizing tools such as video conferencing technology, digitization of documents, and radio broadcast over the Internet. The majority of these technologies are used to preserve and promote Indigenous culture, tradition, history, and human rights advocacy.

How are the traditional and indigenous technologies used for sustainable development?

The indigenous methods of soil management, cultivation methods, irrigation systems, crop breeding, animal husbandry and other agricultural practices like harvesting and storage have been traditionally used successfully and in a sustainable manner.

How do you describe traditional technology?

Traditional technology design involves users only in the late stages of the design process, where they are used to evaluate or test design ideas and thereby makes suggestions for changes to the design.

What is the importance of traditional technology?

The importance of traditional knowledge ,skill and technology are as follows: They give our cultural identity. They arouse pride in us. They are highly environmentally friendly.

What is traditional technology in teaching and learning?

Traditional education technologies enable students to connect with the course any time any place (e.g., Moodle-based teaching platforms). Their main goal is to facilitate communication and exchange of material among instructor and students. Social media applications also affect teaching activities.


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