What is the meaning of science Laboratory Technology?

Science Laboratory Technology Program focuses on the fundamental principles of the biological and physical sciences and emphasizes analytical laboratory techniques and applications, specifically in the realms of chemistry and biology.

What are the roles of science laboratory technology?

1. Assist in chemical analysis in laboratories in educational institutions, food and chemical industries, research institutes etc. 2. Assist in biological experiments and investigations in industrial and institutional laboratories, farms, museums and other nature establishments.

How long does it take to study science laboratory technology?

The Degree Programme in Science Laboratory Technology intends to offer a five/and or four-year standard degree programme leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

What’s the difference between science laboratory technology and medical laboratory science?

They both work in the lab and perform tests on biological samples, however, a medical lab scientist typically has more education and is able to perform more involved lab work. A medical lab technician performs more of the routine lab work and is often supervised by a medical lab scientist.

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Where can someone who study SLT work?

They can find employment opportunities in some government agencies such as Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Food and Drug Administration agencies, water corporations, waste management agencies, environmental control and protection agencies, environmental impact assessment agencies and other quality control agencies.

What are the courses under SLT?

degree in Science Laboratory Technology with specialization in any of the following options:
  • Biochemistry and Chemistry Technology.
  • Biomedical Technology.
  • Geology and Mining Technology.
  • Industrial Chemistry and Petrochemical Technology.
  • Microbiology Technology.
  • Physics with Electronics Technology.

What is the difference between a medical laboratory technician and technologist?

For example, technologists may prepare specimens and perform detailed manual tests, whereas technicians perform routine tests that may be more automated. Clinical laboratory technicians usually work under the general supervision of clinical laboratory technologists or laboratory managers.

Can a SLT student work in a hospital?

Generally speaking you can work in almost any medical, farmaceutical, and biotechnological lab. Some countries require you to have a specific diploma to work in medical labs, though. You can work in 24h labs, toxicology labs, immunology labs, microbiology labs,… and a whole lot of different ones.

Is SLT related to MLS?

Can I Cross From SLT to MLS? Yes! You can easily cross from a polytechnic with ND or HND in SLT to a University to study MLS. Below are the are the transfer requirements, and the universities accept switching from SLT for MLS in 2022.

How much is science laboratory technology salary in Nigeria?

For specialist with mid-level (working experience from 3 to 9 years) is 88,000 Naira. And senior-level laboratory technicians with experience starting from 10 years can earn up to 1,240,000 Naira.

What is the cut off mark for SLT?

LASPOTECH Cut Off Mark. To be eligible to participate in LASPOTECH Post UTME screening exercise, you must have scored 130 and above in the last Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). See the approved cut off marks for various courses for 2021/2022 session below: Accountancy – 170.

Can I study SLT in polytechnic?

Science Laboratory Science (SLT) is one of the most chased courses in Nigerian universities and polytechnics. Especially at the polytechnics, admission seekers majorly look for no other course.

Is medical laboratory science a good course to study in Nigeria?

Medical Laboratory Science is one of the most lucrative course to study in Nigeria and other countries. Medical Laboratory Scientist are also one of the highest paid workers in the labour market. The profession also command huge prestige and respect in the society.

What is the JAMB score for Medical Laboratory Science?

To have a good chance of gaining admission to study a highly reputable, most competitive degree like Medical Laboratory Science, you’ll need a high JAMB score of 280 and above. You can study Medical Laboratory Science with a JAMB score of 200 or 280 and above but it solely depends on the school you are applying to.

Can a medical laboratory scientist be called a doctor?

Medical lab scientists can become medical doctors by following the same education path as other aspiring doctors by attending medical school.

What are the subject for laboratory?

Medical Laboratory Science Required subjects in WAEC include;
  • Mathematics.
  • English Language.
  • Civic Education.
  • Biology.
  • Physics.
  • Chemistry.
  • A Trade Subject.
  • Geography.
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Can I study SLT without maths?

For Jamb you may or may not enroll Mathematics, i.e maths is not required in jamb to study Science Laboratory Technology, it is only compulsory in your O’ level. Other Subjects: English Language, Chemistry and Biology are required for both Jamb and your O’ level if you must study Science Laboratory Technology.

Is Mathematics compulsory for science laboratory technology?

Is Mathematics Compulsory for Science Laboratory Technology in JAMB? NO! Mathematics is not a COMPULSORY subject for Science Laboratory Technology. This means that you can study Science Laboratory Technology at any University in Nigeria without Mathematics.

Can I study medical laboratory without Physics?

Having said that, you cannot study engineering courses, Medicine, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science without passing Physics in one or two sittings.

What 3 subjects do you need to become a doctor?

Your Maths, Physics and Life Science must be at least 50%. In reality, most applicants will have averages in the range of 75-85%. Stellenbosch also offers the possibility of transferring from a degree in life sciences or natural sciences at the end of first year.

Can I use D7 in physics to study nursing?

In fact, no school of nursing to date, be it private, state, or federal will accept a D7 or E8 pass or F9 in English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Maths.


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