What is spatula used for in science?

Spatulas are used to transport and distribute dry chemical compounds. Spatulas are used most often when weighing out chemicals on a balance because they allow you to collect very small quantities of the chemical at a time.

What are the uses of a spatula?

A spatula is a broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread and lift material including foods, drugs, plaster and paints.

What are the 3 types of spatulas?

As we’ve established, spatulas fall into three main categories; flippers, spreaders, and scrapers.

Who invented spatula?

Horace Spatula invented it in 1798 as an invention for killing the common house fly. The word spatula has been in use since 1525, and often refers to various small instruments with a broad, flat, flexible blade. It is similar to the word spade, meaning digging tool.

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What is the real name for spatula?

Turners. What many people think of when referring to a spatula is actually more precisely referred to as a turner in commercial foodservice. A turner has a broad, flat head attached to a handle. As the name implies, a turner is used to turn or flip things.

Is there another name for a spatula?

Spatula Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for spatula?

dough scraper fish slice
scraper turner
pancake turner

How old is the spatula?

The resulting ‘spatula’ was first used in the early 16th century to refer to a range of implements with broad, flat blades used not only in cooking, but also in medicine (i.e. a tool to spread ointments), and masonry (i.e. a tool to spread or mix solutions).”

What is a spatula actually called?

You say “spatula,” I say “fish slice.” The spatula goes by many other names. Depending on what country you’re in and what particular food you might be preparing, it can be called a “flipper,” a “tosser,” a “scraper,” or, as some British prefer, a “fish slice.”

What is a common use of a Scoopula?

Scoopulas are long, scoop-shaped and made of metal. They are used interchangeably with spatulas to transfer solids: to a weigh paper for weighing, to a coverslip for melting point, scraping out of a flask or beaker to a watch glass, etc.

What kind of tool is a spatula?

But What is a Spatula? In the modern world, the term spatula has come to represent any number of distinct kitchen tools. The most common uses of the term refer to kitchen tools used for flipping or turning, scraping, and spreading.

What is silicone spatula used for?

A silicone spatula combines the flexibility of a traditional rubber spatula with the heat-resistant qualities of a metal kitchen utensil. Spatulas are especially useful for mixing wet and dry ingredients together, as well as scraping the sides of mixing bowls.

Is nylon safe for cooking?

Nylon cooking utensils are safe to use up to 400° F. It is best to use them occasionally as they tend to degrade, melt and contaminate food when exposed to high temperatures. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat as Nylon tends to leach out harmful compounds that are toxic to the human body.

Why did my spatula melt?

Any kind of spatula can melt with a high enough temperature. Nylon spatulas are more prone to melting if placed near a burner or used in a screaming hot pan. Our favorite nonstick spatulas are made from silicone, which is much more durable and heat-resistant.

What is a rubber spatula called?

Bowl scrapers (also known as rubber feet) are, as the name suggests, used to remove material from mixing bowls.

What are spatulas made out of?

Spatulas are usually made of plastic or metal, but wooden, rubber and silicone ones are also sometimes used. Metal spatulas generally have a wood or plastic handle to insulate them from the heat. A spatula is essential for many types of cooking.

What is the other term for metal spatula?

What is another word for spatula?
dough scraper fish slice
scraper turner
pancake turner
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What is the difference between a spatula and a flipper?

A spatula in cooking is a flat object often made of rubber or metal meant to spread, mix or lift food. A flipper or turner are flat objects usually made of metal or plastic designed to slide under a piece of food in a pan or on a grill.

Where did the word spatula originate from?

Etymology. Borrowed from Latin spatula (“a flat piece”), the diminutive form of spatha (“broad or flat tool”), from Ancient Greek σπάθη (spáthē, “a broad wood or metal blade”).

Why do they call spatulas Turners now?

Turners. This family of spatulas gets their name from the act of turning, which is when you flip a food over so it can cook on the other side. The have a long handle, a sharp bend before the flat flipping surface, and are very rigid.

What utensil do you flip eggs with?

One pancake-type spatula. A great tool! It’s used to flip burgers, eggs, pancakes, chicken breasts, and such things.

What do you use to flip meat?

Tongs are your catch-all utensil for just about everything. Flipping chicken, steak, pork shops–they can do it all.


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