What is integral AD science used for?

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is an American publicly owned technology company that analyzes the value of digital advertising placements. Integral Ad Science is known for addressing issues around fraud, viewability and brand risk, as well as TRAQ, a proprietary media quality score.

Who bought Integral Ad Science?

Integral Ad Science acquired by Vista Equity Partners.

What is IAS in programmatic?

IAS is a technology company that works on behalf of digital advertisers, agencies, and publishers to detect ad fraud, measure the viewability of ads, report on the suitability of the digital content surrounding ads, and support contextual ad targeting.

What is IAS pre bid?

Beeswax has an integration with Integral Ad Science (“IAS”) for pre-bid targeting across exchanges. Pre-bid targeting is done through special segments that may be targeted for: viewability, suspicious activity, brand safety, anti-fraud and content categories.

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What is the difference between pre-bid and post-bid?

Pre-bid is almost exclusively applied within programmatic environments—this is why pre-bid segments are most often found within a DSP’s user interface. Post-bid blocking can be applied anywhere, not just on programmatic buys but on direct ones, too.

What is IAS brand safety?

IAS Brand Safety and Suitability solutions provide customizable control over the contextual relevance of digital ads to maximize both the impact and cost efficiency of campaigns.

What are IAS 7 brand safety categories?

IAS has identified and reports on seven core brand risk categories: Adult content, alcohol, hate speech, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, offensive language and violence.

Is DoubleVerify owned by Google?

Google also said last week it will add a new tool to make it easier for ad buyers to dynamically block sites and domains that don’t meet their brand safety standards. Providence Equity Partners acquired a majority stake in the now 13-year-old DoubleVerify in 2017.

What is brand safety How does it work?

Brand safety is the practice of protecting a brand’s reputation and keeping it from appearing in unsafe environments. Its focus is to align your brand with other positive, authoritative, and non-confrontational brands.

What is brand safety IAB?

IAB aims to save lives during crisis by helping news organizations monetize, dispel myths about brand safety to further public welfare and assure a robust news industry, and partner with ad verification companies and publishers to repair broken standards that impede real news monetization.

How is brand safety measured?

Calculating a brand-safety KPI

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The three big measurement concepts — contextual relevancy, viewability and fraud/IVT — are essential sets of numbers which are already tracked. Combining them would require a methodology that brings together campaign data, relevant parameters and times and a mechanism to weight the score.

What is IAS viewability?

Share: Viewability is the ability for a digital ad to be seen by an actual consumer. To be considered viewable, an ad must meet the minimum guidelines set by the industry, and illegal bot traffic and other forms of ad fraud should never be included in the number of viewable impressions.

What are the activities exclusions we can perform for brand safety?

Sensitive content types: Unrateable, Adult, Alcohol, Illegal Downloads, Drugs, Hate Speech (desktop and mobile web only), Offensive Language, Violence, and Gambling (mobile-app only). Unrateable: Impressions that are unrateable can’t be describes as being brand safe or not.

Why is DV360 better than Google ads?

DV360 allows you to target your campaigns more extensively than Google Ads, the targeting possibilities are numerous. Google’s DSP can assess a wide range of first-party data such as your Analytics 360 audiences, DMP audiences, Google Ads lists, Youtube audiences, and others.

Is TikTok brand safe?

TikTok has been awarded the TAG Brand Safety Certified Seal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) at a global level! This certification is an integral part of our ongoing dedication to building a safe, transparent and trustworthy platform for users and brands.

What are brand safety tools?

Brand safety: tools of the trade
  • Direct relationships with publishers.
  • Image Recognition (Computer Vision)
  • Keyword detection.
  • Natural language context detection.
  • Geo-targeting.
  • Ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers)
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Why do advertisers care about brand safety?

The premise of “brand safety” technologies is to help advertisers avoid placing ads on inappropriate sites, or next to terrorist beheading videos.

Why is brand safety important to advertisers?

Brand safety is taking measures to ensure that a brand’s digital marketing campaigns won’t appear next to any content that is deemed inappropriate, illegal, dangerous, or radically controversial.

What is digital brand safety?

Brand safety is a digital marketing definition referring to channels and practices meant to help advertisers avoid any placement or context that could potentially harm the advertiser’s brand or reputation.

What is programmatic digital advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the use of automated technology for media buying (the process of buying advertising space), as opposed to traditional (often manual) methods of digital advertising.

What is brand safety programmatic?

At its basest level, brand safety refers to protecting a brand’s reputation when it advertises online. This means making sure a logo or ad doesn’t inadvertently appear alongside unsavory, inappropriate or irrelevant content.


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