What is an example of an apparatus?

Your apparatus is the collective equipment you use for specific purposes. For example, the apparatus used for scuba diving includes goggles, flippers, and a breathing tank, while a surgeon’s apparatus includes various scalpels and clamps. Different activities, different apparatuses.

Do you mean by apparatus?

noun, plural ap·pa·rat·us, ap·pa·rat·us·es. a group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials, etc., having a particular function or intended for a specific use: Our town has excellent fire-fighting apparatus. any complex instrument or mechanism for a particular purpose.

What is the meaning of apparatus in experiment?

n. 1. any instrument or equipment used in an experiment or other research.

What is the apparatus called?

Apparatus can refer to: object which can be used for a certain function. Examples of apparatuses include coffee-makers, pencil sharpeners, and computers. These things are also often called tools, machines, or equipment.

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What are apparatus materials?

The difference between apparatus and materials is that an apparatus is an instrument that has proper measurements whereas the materials are substances that are used in the experiment. Majorly the apparatus is a non-consumable entity and materials are entities that are consumed during an experiment.

Which apparatus is used in laboratory?

They include beakers, bottles, condensers/distillation, flasks, funnels, glass washers/dryers, test tubes, and vials. Clinical lab equipment: These are apparatus mostly used in clinical areas, mostly in hospitals.

What are the apparatus required for performing the experiment?

1 Apparatus for Experimental Measurement. Generally, the experimental apparatus used to determine aerosol collector efficiency consists of three major components: a test filter, an aerosol generating system, and instruments for determining aerosol concentration.

What is apparatus in psychology research?

Apparatus broadly refers to the equipment, machinery, or structure that is necessary for a particular purpose or activity. In psychology, this means the equipment or measures that are necessary for conducting research.

What are the uses of common laboratory apparatus?

  • COMMON LABORATORY APPARATUS. Beakers are useful as a reaction container or to hold liquid or solid samples.
  • Glass Funnels are for funneling liquids from one container to another or for filtering when equipped with filter paper.
  • Test tube holders are for holding test tubes when tubes.
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What is the function of apparatus?

Answer: a group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials, etc., having a particular function or intended for a specific use: Our town has excellent fire-fighting apparatus. any complex instrument or mechanism for a particular purpose.

Is apparatus same as equipment?

Apparatus is similar in meaning to equipment, although it tends to relate to particular contexts. Thus gymnastic apparatus refers to all the apparatus you would expect to find in a gym.

What is the difference between laboratory apparatus and equipment?

‘Apparatus’ is more specific to a particular purpose, like laboratory apparatus. ‘Equipment’ is more general in nature, like whatever things one is equipped with.

What is apparatus and machine?

Machinery, apparatus or equipment means any machine, device, mechanism, instrument, tool, tank or item of tangible personal property used or held for use in business.

How can I use apparatus in a sentence?

Apparatus in a Sentence 🔉
  • The firefighter donned a breathing apparatus before entering the blaze, to search for people trapped in the inferno.
  • The president’s security apparatus fanned out so that they could keep watch on all angles of the event.

What is a water apparatus?

water-using apparatus means dishwashers, boilers and other similar apparatus in which water intended for human consumption is used; and.

What is an apparatus in physics?

Apparatus means: the things or equipment that are needed to carry out an experiment. It can also mean the equipment needed to perform a particular task or activity.

Is physics an exact science?

Physics is called exact science because it is based on measurement of fundamental quantities. The main aim of science is to find the truth behind the various processes taking place in the universe..

What science is hard?

Hard science is science that uses systematic observation, experiments and sometimes mathematics to get knowledge. In hard science, experiments have to be reproducible (if the experiment is done a second time, it will have to produce the same results as the first time).

Is math a perfect science?

The effort to axiomatize geometry and other branches of mathematics only shows that mathematics is not a perfect science. Axiomatization is done not only to organize mathematics, but also to avoid contradiction. In fact, Kurt Godel proved that you cannot create an axiomatic system that is free from contradiction.

Is math an exact?

Examples of the exact sciences are mathematics, optics, astronomy, and physics, which many philosophers from Descartes, Leibniz, and Kant to the logical positivists took as paradigms of rational and objective knowledge.

Who created math?

Who invented mathematics? Several civilizations — in China, India, Egypt, Central America and Mesopotamia — contributed to mathematics as we know it today. The Sumerians, who lived in the region that is now southern Iraq, were the first people to develop a counting system with a base 60 system, according to Wilder.


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