What does derived mean in biology?

Organisms have only two types of traits: primitive and derived. Primitive traits are those inherited from distant ancestors. Derived traits are those that just appeared (by mutation) in the most recent ancestor — the one that gave rise to a newly formed branch.

What does being derived mean?

1. a. To obtain or receive from a source: a dance that is derived from the samba; confidence that is derived from years of experience. b. Chemistry To produce or obtain (a compound) from another substance by chemical reaction.

What is derived example?

To derive is defined as to come from, be created from or be developed out of something else. An example of derive is when you get the idea for a new fund raising event based on the event the previous year. An example of derive is when a scientist builds upon the work of another scientist.

What is derived only from mean?

If you say that something such as a word or feeling derives or is derived from something else, you mean that it comes from that thing.

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What is the meaning of derived in physics?

noun. a unit of measurement obtained by multiplication or division of the base units of a system without the introduction of numerical factors.

How do you use derived in a sentence?

formed or developed from something else; not original.
  1. She derived no benefit from the course of drugs.
  2. The English word ‘olive’ is derived from the Latin word ‘oliva’.
  3. We have derived a great deal of benefit from her advice.
  4. He derived great pleasure from painting.
  5. This word is derived from Latin.

Where does word derive from?

The word derive derives from (see how we did that?) the Latin rivus or stream, as in water. That image of the stream may help you remember the meaning of derive; you may picture tracing tiny streams back to their main source.

Can be derived synonyms?

  • borrowed.
  • copied.
  • derived.
  • imitative.
  • unoriginal.
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What is the antonym of derive?

Antonyms. break unmake stay spread fall back. reap obtain gain.

What is derived value?

Derived investment value (DIV) is a valuation methodology used to calculate the present value of future cash flows of liquidated assets, minus expenses associated with the liquidation process. Derived investment value is similar to the discount cash flow methodology.

What are benefits derived?

If you derive something such as pleasure or benefit from a person or from something, you get it from them.

What does derived mean in math?

A derivation is a sequence of steps, logical or computational, from one result to another. The word derivation comes from the word “derive.” “Derivation” can also refer to a particular type of operator used to define a derivation algebra on a ring or algebra.

What is the synonym of derived?

Some common synonyms of derive are arise, emanate, flow, issue, originate, proceed, rise, spring, and stem.

What is another word for come from?

Some common synonyms of originate are arise, derive, emanate, flow, issue, proceed, rise, spring, and stem. While all these words mean “to come up or out of something into existence,” originate implies a definite source or starting point.

What is another word for came from?

What is another word for came from?
sprang sprung
sprang from sprung from
developed developt
emanated from stemned from
arose from followed

What are the opposite words?

An opposite word can be defined as a word that expresses a meaning as opposed to the meaning of a particular word. In this case, the two words are called antonyms of each other.

Where is my origin?

A person’s origin is the country from which the person comes: [ U ] The population is of Indian or Pakistani origin.

How do you say your birth country?

Birthplace Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

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What is another word for birthplace?

cradle fatherland
native home one’s country
country of origin place of birth
place of origin native soil
native country land of birth

What do you call the family you were born into?

Your family of orientation is the family that you were born into. Your family of orientation is important because it has a significant influence on our values, beliefs, and actions.

What is a mother country called?

Definition of mother country

1 : the country of one’s parents or ancestors also : fatherland. 2 : the country from which the people of a colony or former colony derive their origin.

Where do you live synonym?


1 habitation, domicile. 2 mansion. 5 stay, abode, sojourn.