What do you mean by acquire?

acquired; acquiring. transitive verb. : to get as one’s own: : to come into possession or control of often by unspecified means. acquire property.

What does acquire mean in social studies?

noun. the act of acquiring or gaining possession: the acquisition of real estate. something acquired; addition: public excitement about the museum’s recent acquisitions. the purchase of one business enterprise by another: the acquisition of a rival corporation;mergers and acquisitions.

How do things acquire meaning?

To acquire means to get or come to own something. You acquire an education by your own effort. You acquire a painting by paying for it or by someone giving it to you. You acquire a sense of calm in crisis through experience. The list of things you can acquire includes: an object, a trait, a skill, or an ability.

What does acquired mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of acquired

1 of a disease or medical condition : developed or originating after birth : not congenital or hereditary Hyperoxaluria may be due to overproduction from hereditary disorders of metabolism or it may be an acquired disorder caused by intestinal disease or diet. —

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What is an acquired disease?

Acquired disease. An acquired disease is one that began at some point during one’s lifetime, as opposed to disease that was already present at birth, which is congenital disease. Acquired sounds like it could mean “caught via contagion”, but it simply means acquired sometime after birth.

How do you use acquire in a sentence?

Acquire sentence example. We meet at very short intervals, not having had time to acquire any new value for each other. He wanted to acquire a sound reading knowledge of modern Greek.

What does acquired mean in nursing?

1. Of or relating to a disease, condition, or characteristic that is not congenital but develops after birth. 2. Resulting from exposure to something, such as an antigen or antibiotic.

What are the examples of acquired diseases?

Some of the commonly known acquired diseases are Salmonella infections, AIDS/HIV infections, influenza, malaria, cancer, norovirus infections etc.

What is the meaning of acquired quality?

Acquired qualities, on the other hand, represent those skills that someone has picked up over time through past experience. While they don’t necessarily indicate what a person can learn in the future, they do represent what a candidate brings to the job on day one.

What does Date Acquired mean?

The date acquired is generally the date you acquired the asset. You will need to obtain this from either a broker’s statement or a confirmation statement received after you made the purchase. For securities traded on an established securities market you should enter the trade date.

What is Year acquired in education?

Date of acquiring essential qualification is the date when a person receives his certificate or degree for the education he has completed. For example: A student completes his college. He will be provided with a degree certificate to acknowledge his education. The date is the year when he completed his college.

What is Vehicle acquired date?

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Date of vehicle acquisition means the date on which legal or equitable title was transferred to the current owner or operator of the motor vehicle.

What is the difference between date acquired & date of acquisition?

Acquisition can occur either from the purchase of stock or the granting of stock that has vested and been deposited into your account or from a transfer of assets from another institution. If you originally acquired the shares through an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, the date acquired is the date you bought the shares.

How do you find the date of acquisition?

The acquisition date is the date on which the acquirer obtains control of the acquiree, which is generally the closing date. However, if control of the acquiree transfers to the acquirer through a written agreement, the acquisition date can be before or after the closing date.

What is the effective date of an acquisition?

Acquisition Effective Date means the date the Acquisition is effective pursuant to the terms of the Acquisition Agreement. Acquisition Effective Date means the date that the Escrow Conditions are satisfied (or waived in accordance with Section 11.1) and the closing of the Acquisition occurs.

What is acquisition cost in accounting?

Acquisition cost refers to an amount paid for fixed assets, for expenses related to the acquisition of a new customer, or for the takeover of a competitor. It is useful in identifying the full cost of fixed assets because it includes items such as legal fees and commissions and removes discounts and closing costs.

What is the meaning of term cost of acquisition as used in the head capital gains?

1. What is meant by cost of acquisition? Cost of Acquisition (COA) means any capital expense at the time of acquiring capital asset under transfer, i.e., to include the purchase price, expenses incurred up to acquiring date in the form of registration, storage etc. expenses incurred on completing transfer.

How much does a merger cost?

Experienced merger and acquisition professionals know that transaction costs, in the business community, can range between 6 and 8 per cent of the gross revenues of the organizations.

What is land acquisition fee?

Land acquisition includes the “fee simple” purchase of a parcel of land. A fee simple purchase transfers full ownership of the property, including the underlying title, to another party. Fee simple land acquisition may also be the result of a donation, with the landowner realizing tax benefits from the donation.

What is lease acquisition cost?

A lease-acquisition fee is a fee that a leasing company charges to cover the administrative costs of setting up a new auto lease. While this fee can be expensive — around $1,000 in some cases — it may also be negotiable.

How is land compensation calculated?

Compensation for the owners of the acquired land shall be four times the market value in case of rural areas and twice in case of urban areas.


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