What do you get a computer science student for Christmas?

21 Gifts for Computer Science Students
  • #1 Floppy disk coasters.
  • #2 A Star Wars Droid Inventor.
  • #3 Cable Management Box.
  • #4 A Nano-tech Eye Glasses Cleaner Cloth.
  • #5 An Universal Screen Cleaner.
  • #6 A Fossil Smart Watch.
  • #7 Code Printed Compression Socks.
  • #8 A “Code Like A Girl” T-Shirt.

What do computer science majors buy?

Here’s a list of the best gear for Computer Science students.
  • A Laptop. If you’re majoring in Computer Science, you absolutely need a laptop.
  • Amazon Student Prime.
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses.
  • A Treehouse Subscription.
  • A Calculator.
  • The New Hacker’s Dictionary (Book)
  • Clean Code (Book)
  • The Pragmatic Programmer (Book)

What do you get a guy for computer science?

The Best Geek Gifts for Programmers: 20 Ideas for Coders and
  • Adjustable Standing Desk: Varidesk Adjustable Standing Desk.
  • LEGO Mindstorms Kit: EV3 Robot Kit.
  • Certified Coffee Maker: Technivorm 79112 KBT Coffee Brewer.
  • Virtual Reality Headset: Oculus Go.
  • Laptop Bag: Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag.

What Every computer science student should have?

What every computer science major should know!
  • Portfolio versus Resume. A resume says nothing of a programmer’s ability.
  • Programming languages. Programming languages rise and fall with the solar cycle.
  • Discrete mathematics.
  • Data structures and algorithms.
  • Theory.
  • Architecture.
  • Operating systems.
  • Networking.

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What is the highest degree in computer science?

Doctoral degree in computer science

A PhD or Doctor of Computer Science is typically the highest degree level in the field. The requirements vary from program to program, but most of these terminal degrees take between four and five years to complete.

Does a computer science degree teach you how do you code?

A computer science degree also exposes you to the fundamental building blocks of computing, from data structures and algorithms, to the math and hardware concepts that help you write efficient code. Coding allows you to translate your computer science knowledge into instructions that a computer can carry out.

What do computer science students wear?

What Do Computer Science Majors Wear? A typical office environment would require jeans, T-shirts, or regular shirts, depending on the type. There might be a few specifics to consider, but jeans are a good choice (and don’t wear shorts, ripped pants, or anything that’s too crazy).

What a CSE student can do?

Jobs for Computer Science Grads
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer.
  • Business analyst.
  • Chief information security officer.
  • Cloud computing engineer.
  • Computer science professor.
  • Computer scientist or computer science researcher.
  • Data scientist.
  • Database administrator.

How do I start computer science from scratch?

Step 1: Learn to code

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It’s a crucial skill to have in the computer science world. There’s many different coding languages out there. First, start with the basics, which are HTML and CSS. Then you can soon move on to more complex languages, but are still relatively easy to get a hang of, like Python and Java.

Do computer science majors need a portfolio?

Every computer science major should build a portfolio. A portfolio could be as simple as a personal blog, with a post for each project or accomplishment. A better portfolio would include per-project pages, and publicly browsable code (hosted perhaps on github or Google code).

How can I survive computer science?

13 computer science student study tips
  1. Pursue knowledge outside of courses.
  2. Avoid last-minute studying.
  3. Develop theoretical computer skills.
  4. Develop practical computer skills.
  5. Make connections with professors and other students.
  6. Rest and relax.
  7. Schedule time to study throughout a term.
  8. Develop your math skills.

Can you get into MIT without a maker portfolio?

You do not need to submit a portfolio in order to build a strong application to MIT, and most students are best served by completing only the standard MIT application. Others feel compelled to highlight a particular talent or skill that they believe is significant enough to merit a platform of its own.

What should a computer science portfolio look like?

A coding portfolio should contain 4-10 projects. Make sure that you regularly update the projects you feature on your website. Regular updates demonstrate a strong work ethic. You should also choose projects that demonstrate the breadth and depth of your coding knowledge.

What should be in a programmers portfolio?

How do you showcase coding skills?

Tips to Prove Your Talent
  1. Contribute to open source projects.
  2. Answer Questions on Stack Overflow.
  3. Score on HackerRank, LeetCode, and GeeksforGeeks.
  4. Try out new projects.
  5. Write articles.
  6. Collaborate with your friends in various other fields.
  7. Show that you are passionate by what you share on social media.
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What programming project should I do?

The Top 10 Programming Project Ideas for Beginners
  1. 1) Build a Multi-Page Responsive Website.
  2. 2) Redesign an Existing Website Template.
  3. 3) Design a Small JavaScript Game.
  4. 4) Create a Simple Application.
  5. 5) Random Number Generator.
  6. 6) Web Scraping Using Python.
  7. 7) Build a Working Chess Game.

What is the easiest thing to code?

10 coding projects for beginners
  1. Build a chess game. Building a chess game is a great way to hone your ability to think like a developer.
  2. Make a mobile app.
  3. Create a basic calculator.
  4. Build a web scraper.
  5. Create a Javascript slideshow.
  6. Make a countdown timer.
  7. Flip images.
  8. Develop a recipe app.

What to code when you are bored?

I hope that you’ve found some fun and challenging project that you could work on. Pick the most interesting one on the list and start building!

  • 7 Things to Build When You Feel Bored as a Programmer.
  • Self-Driving Lego Car.
  • Catalog App.
  • Sudoku.
  • Classification of Cars.
  • 2D Game.
  • Progressive Web App.
  • Big Data.

Which coding language should I learn first?

Python. Python is always recommended if you’re looking for an easy and even fun programming language to learn first. Rather than having to jump into strict syntax rules, Python reads like English and is simple to understand for someone who’s new to programming.

What language do most hackers use?

Given below is the list of the best programming languages that hackers around the world extensively use:
  • Python. Exploit Writing: Python is a general-purpose programming language and used extensively for exploit writing in the field of hacking.
  • JavaScript.
  • PHP.
  • SQL.
  • C Programming.

What is the hardest programming language?

C++ C++ is considered to be one of the most powerful, fastest, and toughest programming languages.


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