What do they mean by convert?

Definition of convert

1a : to bring over from one belief, view, or party to another They tried to convert us to their way of thinking. b : to bring about a religious conversion in The missionaries converted the native people to Christianity.

What is an example of convert?

An example of convert is when you convince someone to change from Catholic to Protestant. An example of convert is when you exchange dollars into Euros. An example of convert is when you change your religion from Catholic to Protestant. A person who has converted to his or her religion.

What does convert mean kids?

Definition of converge

1 : to tend or move toward one point or one another : come together : meet converging paths Police cars converged on the accident scene.

What does converge mean in science?

Definition of convergent

1 : tending to move toward one point or to approach each other : converging convergent lines a tropical cyclone characterized by convergent airflow. 2 : exhibiting convergence in form, function, or development …

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What does converging mean in science?

to tend to meet in a point or line; incline toward each other, as lines that are not parallel. to tend to a common result, conclusion, etc.

How do you remember conversions for kids?

The mnemonic “King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk” gives students a funny, memorable way to keep the prefixes straight. The song includes an explanation of the following prefixes: kilo, hecto, deca, deci, centi, and milli.

What are conversion factors kids?

conversion factor. • a number or formula used to convert quantities to. equivalent amounts in a different system.

What does convert mean history?

to change (something) into a different form or properties; transmute; transform. to cause to adopt a different religion, political doctrine, opinion, etc.: to convert the heathen.

How do you convert units?

Why do we convert units?

In order to have accuracy and avoid confusion in measurement, we need to convert one unit to another. For instance, we do not measure the length of a pencil in kilometres. In such a case, one has to convert kilometre (km) to centimetre (cm).

How do you convert in chemistry?

What is conversion method?

The conversion method is the process of converting a business’s accounting from single-entry to double-entry. New small businesses often use single-entry bookkeeping as a quick and simple way to record their income and expenses. Single-entry bookkeeping only uses three accounts: bank, cash and personal.

What is direct conversion method?

Direct conversion is an implementation process that involves essentially “switching off’ the current system entirely and “switching on” the new system to take its place all at once. The old system is no longer available for use from that point onward.

What are the four conversion methods?

Conversion Methods
  • Parallel Conversion.
  • Direct Cutover Conversion.
  • Pilot Approach.
  • Phase-In Method.
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What is the conversion table?

noun. : a table of equivalents for changing units of measure or weight into other units.

What is a conversion in math?

A conversion factor is a number used to change one set of units to another, by multiplying or dividing. When a conversion is necessary, the appropriate conversion factor to an equal value must be used. For example, to convert inches to feet, the appropriate conversion value is 12 inches equal 1 foot.

How many point is a gram?

Point to Gram Conversion Table
Point [pointmass] Gram [g]
1 0.002
2 0.004
3 0.006
4 0.008

How many meters is 1 kg?

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The conversion factor from km to m is one km equals 1,000 metres.

How many meters is a roll of fabric?

a commercial unit of length or area used to measure finished cloth. Generally speaking, one bolt represents a strip of cloth 100 yards (91.44 meters) long, but the width varies according to the fabric.

How many cm is 1kg?

Answer: 1,00,000 centimeters make a kilometer.

1 kilometer is equal to 1000 meters and 1 meter is equal to 100 centimeters. So, there are 1,00,000 centimeters in a kilometer.

How many mm make a gram?

One gram of pure water is exactly one milliliter.


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