What can I study after biotechnology?

You may pursue one of these 12 careers after a BSc in biotechnology:
  • Lab Technician. National average salary: ₹15,393 per month.
  • Microbiologist. National average salary: ₹17,701 per month.
  • Biostatistician.
  • Epidemiologist.
  • Biochemist.
  • Clinical research associate.
  • Medical transcriptionist.
  • Medical representative.

Is BSc biotechnology a good career?

Yes, Biotechnology is a good course. In fact every course is good and all that matters is the interest of the candidate. It is a combination of Biology and Technology and concentrates on applications of biology in industry for the benefit of society. Biotechnology is offered by many reputed institutes in India.

What masters should I do after biotechnology?

Various other subfields to choose from are:
  • MSc in Toxicology.
  • MSc in Animal biotechnology.
  • MSc in Molecular medicines.
  • MSc in Applied biology.
  • MSc in Virology.
  • MSc in Pharmacology.
  • MSc in Philosophy in biotechnology.
  • MSc in Industrial biotechnology.

What is the scope of biotechnology BSc?

After completing Bachelor degree in Biotechnology, students can find employment opportunities in countless industries and sectors like Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Environment Conservation, Genetic Engineering, Health Care, and Medicine, etc. There is also option of higher studies like M.sc Biotechnology.

What can I study after biotechnology? – Related Questions

Which BSc has highest salary?

Some bsc courses for Biology students with high payment are:
  • BSc Nursing.
  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • B.Sc. Clinical Research.
  • BHMS course.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy.
  • BSc Psychology.
  • BSc Forensic Science.
  • BSc Optometry.

Which field in biotechnology has highest salary?

Top biotechnology careers to consider
  1. Clinical technician. National average salary: $47,977 per year.
  2. Chemical operator. National average salary: $52,029 per year.
  3. Biomedical equipment technician.
  4. Microbiologist.
  5. DNA analyst.
  6. Business development manager.
  7. Pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  8. Scientist.

What is the salary after B Sc Biotechnology?

The average annual salary earned by a BSc Biotechnology Graduate ranges between INR 3,00,000 – 8,00,000.

Which is better BTech or BSc in Biotechnology?

There is no such thing as B. Tech being better than BSc or vice versa. Students must choose a course that aligns with their long-term goals. Do you want to pursue a research career in areas such as Stem Cells, Genetic Engineering, Plant Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, etc.?

Is Biotechnology good for future?

Biotechnology will be a survival tool in the coming years with the increasing number of lethal diseases and pandemics. Also with the world population over 9million, we will need new technologies in the agriculture sectors. All in all, Biotechnology has a significant role in the future.

Is BSc Biotechnology hard?

It may be easier for some and difficult for others. But one thing is that one will need to put efforts in this course, because without putting some hard work and studying thoroughly one is unlikely to clear the exams.

Can I do MBA after biotechnology?

Yes you are eligible to pursue MBA after completing B.Sc in Biotechnology. To pursue MBA one needs a graduation degree in any discipline of their choice.

Which college has best placement for BSC biotechnology?

Top Recruiters for Biotechnology Graduates
Colleges Placement Ratings (Based on Reviews)
Amity University, Noida 4.0
Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar 4.2
Parul University, Vadodara 4.0
Manipal School of Life Sciences 3.9
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1 more row

Is biotech stressful?

Obviously there is pressure at all jobs and certainly academic life has it’s own unique pressures and stress. In biotech, the pressure can become difficult because hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars can be on the table, riding on your success.

Are biotechnologists happy?

Biotechnicians are below average when it comes to happiness. At CareerExplorer, we conduct an ongoing survey with millions of people and ask them how satisfied they are with their careers. As it turns out, biotechnicians rate their career happiness 3.1 out of 5 stars which puts them in the bottom 40% of careers.

Do you regret working in biotech?

Most of my friends in Biotech hold steady jobs for years unlike my Technology sector friends. Job hopping is not encouraged. The life is slower compared to Tech industry but there is indeed work- life balance. You don’t bring tons of work home and neither there are any offshore calls in the night.

Is getting a job in biotech easy?

To summarize, A Biotech Fresher or a Life Science Fresher Does not a Job Easily because they were never prepared for a job. Start analyzing the points mentioned above, read in between the lines. It will definitely help you land up with a high paying job. But remember you need to be consistent!

Can biotechnologists work in hospitals?

Qualified graduates can complete M.Sc in Medical Biotechnology and work in research institutes all over the world as Research Associate or Research Scientists. They can also become medical professionals in clinical settings, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

Which country is best in biotechnology?

Best countries to study biotechnology
  • Biotechnology in USA.
  • Biotechnology in Canada.
  • Biotechnology in Australia.
  • Biotechnology in New Zealand.
  • Biotechnology in UK.
  • Biotechnology in Sweden.
  • Biotechnology in Finland.
  • Biotechnology in Ireland.

Can a biotechnologist become a doctor?

No you cannot be a doctor by completing your Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. After completion of BSc biotechnology you can go for MSc biotechnology. If you want to become a doctor you need to complete your PhD after your MSc. To pursue MD you need to first have a degree of MBBS.

Can I work in hospital after BSC biotechnology?

There are several fields where a B.Sc. Biotechnology graduates can work. These include hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food production firms, clinical research firms, laboratories, consultation agencies.. Following is the list of some private jobs.

Which is better botany or biotechnology?

Biotechnology has applications in the field of medical & veterinary sciences, chemical engineering, food and agriculture Science, pollution and environment protection, waste management whereas If you want to pursue your career in teaching and in research then go for botany, so choose wisely.


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