Should I leave my Christmas lights up all year?

Should I leave my Christmas lights up all year? There’s no reason why you can’t keep your outdoor Christmas lights in place around the year, but you need to be aware of two issues: You must ensure that the Christmas lights that you buy for use outdoors are waterproof and have not been damaged while being put in place.

Can I leave my Christmas lights on all the time? It’s okay to leave outdoor Christmas lights on all night. However, using a timer to turn them off late at night saves energy. LED Christmas lights are safer to leave on than traditional lights because they produce much less heat. Leaving outdoor Christmas lights on all night usually does not pose any safety issue.

How long can I leave my Christmas lights up? You can take them down anytime after New Year’s Day, but before January 6th—that’s Three Kings Day and the last of the 12 days of Christmas. Even if your lights celebrate a different faith this holiday season, the Black-Friday-to-Three-Kings-Day window is still a great guideline.

When should you take Christmas lights down? For many around the world, January 5 or 6 marks the Epiphany ‒ the final day of the 12 days of Christmas and the time for all holiday decorations to come down. For others, the second week of January is a typical time for the holiday lights to be unplugged and stored away until next year.

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When should Christmas decorations come down 2022?

So this takes place on January 6 and is seen as the end of the Christmas period. According to tradition it is unlucky to leave your Christmas decorations up after the twelfth night – so this is why people generally take their decorations down in time for January 6.

What day are you supposed to take down Christmas decorations?

Epiphany is the official end of the festive season on 6th January each year. It’s an ancient Christian feast day celebrating the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, and the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

Is it bad luck to take Xmas tree down early?

A day sooner or later is considered unlucky and if decorations are not removed on Twelfth Night then according to tradition they should stay up all year.

What is the last day of Christmas called?

Twelfth Night (also known as Epiphany Eve) is a Christian festival on the last night of the Twelve Days of Christmas, marking the coming of the Epiphany.

Are you supposed to take your Christmas tree down before New Years?

Dec. 31: Take your tree down on New Year’s Eve before the bells toll at midnight. Otherwise, it’s said you’ll be dragging all your baggage and bad luck from last year into the new year… if you’re superstitious about these things, that is.

When should I take my Christmas tree down 2022 Ireland?

But January 6 is officially the day of the Epiphany.

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A number of countries in Europe follow the January 6 tradition, including the Germans, Poles and Czechs. However for some people, simply having the decorations up into the New Year is too much and many will be taking them down on the 1st of January.

Why is it unlucky to take Christmas decorations down early?

Christmas tradition used to tell children that if you took down your decorations before January 6, the wise men might not be able to find their way – as Christmas lights represent the Star of Bethlehem.

What is the traditional day to put up a Christmas tree?

Tradition dictates that Christmas trees should be put up at the beginning of Advent, which begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. This year, Advent begins on Sunday 28 November 2021.

Do Christmas decorations come down on 6th January?

When you take your decorations down depends upon when you put them up, but 6 January is a good marker – and the feast of the Epiphany, when you can celebrate the coming of the Good News to all.

Why do you leave your Christmas tree up until January 6th?

In the Christian religion, the Christmas season ends on the Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 6. This marks the date when the Three Kings arrived to bring gifts to baby Jesus, and reportedly dictates the best time to take down your holiday decorations—including the Christmas tree.

When should a Catholic take down Christmas decorations?

Traditionally, Catholics do not take down their Christmas trees and holiday decorations until January 7, the day after Epiphany.

When Should decorations be taken down?

However, some mark 6th January as Twelfth Night, counting the 12 days after Christmas Day, which is where the confusion stems from. ‘Twelfth Night is the night before Epiphany and is the night, tradition says, when Christmas decorations should be taken down,’ a Church of England spokesperson told The Telegraph.

What date is the 12th night after Christmas Day?

Twelfth Night is a Christian festival marking the beginning of Epiphany. A count of exactly 12 days from 25 December takes us to 5 January. According to the Church of England, this day is Twelfth Night.

What is the significance of the 12th night?

Twelfth Night is the eve of the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6; it marks the end of the Christmas festivities and celebrates the arrival of the Magi to see the Christ Child.

Can you keep Christmas decorations up until Candlemas?

Are people telling you it’s unlucky to have your decorations up after Twelfth night? Well, I have the perfect solution for you. You can leave them up until Candlemas Eve (1st February) and tell everyone that you’re following an age-old tradition.

Why do some people still have their Christmas tree up?

Some people believe it’s bad luck to leave decorations up after Epiphany. However, Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7, and would keep their trees up longer.

Can you leave Christmas decorations up after 12th night?

After the festive season, they would be released outside but if they were let go before Christmas ended, there could be problems with the harvest as a result. According to one superstition, Christmas decorations not taken down by Twelfth Night should be left up until Candlemas Day (February 2) and then taken down.


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