Is the mechanics strike over in Illinois?

Is the mechanics strike over in Illinois? Sept. 28, 2021—A new four-year deal has been reached that will allow 600 Chicago mechanics from 35 dealerships to return to work, the Chicago Tribune reported. Chicago mechanics returned to work Monday, ending an eight-week strike that began Aug.

Why are mechanics on strike in Chicago? More than 800 auto mechanics are on strike after failing to reach an agreement on a new four-year labor contract, essentially shutting down service work at 56 new car dealerships in the city and the suburbs. The last Chicago auto mechanics strike in 2017 lasted for more than seven weeks before a deal was signed.

Why are Naperville mechanics on strike? NBC Universal, Inc. More than 800 auto mechanics at dozens of Chicago area car dealerships are on strike after they rejected a new contract offer from an agency representing the businesses this week. NBC 5’s Christian Farr has the story.

Why is Local 701 on strike? This strike was the result of yet another attempt by the few anti-union dealers who remain in the NCDC association from four years ago to break our union,” said IAM Local 701 Directing Business Representative Sam Cicinelli.

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Are Chicagoland auto mechanics still on strike?

Chicago mechanic strike ends as union, car dealerships reach agreement. Mechanics and technicians should be back on the job Monday morning. CHICAGO (WLS) — A strike by mechanics at a number of car dealerships in the Chicago area has ended.

Are Chicago Auto mechanics on strike?

A Chicago-area auto mechanics’ strike ended Sunday after union employees voted by a slim margin to accept a tentative four-year work contract from the association representing their dealerships of employment.

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