Is The Batman part of DC Universe?

Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” is not part of the DCEU, exactly.

Which universe is The Batman 2022 in?

Release Chronology. The Batman is a 2022 superhero film based on the DC Comics superhero of the same name. It focuses on the character’s second year as the crime fighting vigilante, and released on March 4, 2022. It is the first film and second installment of The Batman Universe.

Why is The Batman not in the DCEU?

The Batman’s Matt Reeves says part of the reason he set his film outside the DCEU was to avoid connecting to other Justice League characters. Matt Reeves had no interest in fitting his vision for The Batman into the DC Extended Universe.

Will The Batman start a new DC Universe?

The Batman is set to launch its own universe, with two spinoff TV shows in the works for HBO Max. This could spell doom for the future of the DCEU. The release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman is imminent, and fans are buzzing with anticipation for the movie.

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Who is replacing Ben Affleck as Batman?

Michael Keaton is the definitive Batman for a generation of fans. Making his mark in Tim Burton’s Batman and the (even better) Batman Returns, the actor has put an indelible stamp on the character that has lasted over the decades.

Who will play Joker in The Batman 2022?

Reeves has since revealed that the character, played by actor Barry Keoghan, is The Joker.

Is Batman 2022 getting a sequel?

Reeves confirmed The Batman sequel to The Independent, as well as potential HBO Max spinoffs. “We are already telling other stories in the streaming space, we’re doing stuff on HBO Max, we’re doing a Penguin show with Colin [Farrell], which is gonna be super cool,” Reeves said.

Is the new Batman a multiverse?

When “The Batman” director Matt Reeves first set up his solo Batman film at DC Films, he insisted that his interpretation of the caped crusader remain separate from the DCEU.

What universe will The Batman be in?

Director Matt Reeves’ The Batman was originally intended by Warner Bros. to be the start of a new cinematic franchise within the DCEU. Initially, The Batman was envisioned as part of the DCEU, taking place in the same universe as Peacemaker, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman.

Will The Batman be connected to Joker?

While there seems to be a connection between the two DC movies for fans, that’s not necessarily the case for the filmmakers behind The Batman and Joker. Matt Reeves has been attached to his project about the Caped Crusader for years before Joker became a reality, so it was just never in the cards.

Is the new Batman in the same universe as Joker?

No, definitely not.” Todd Phillips for Variety in 2019. He also said, while doing a Q&A in 2019 that when he pitched his “Joker” movie idea to Warner Bros., he explicitly said that his movie will be set in a separate universe and won’t have any connections to the DC Extended Universe.

What is the Joker’s real name?

One of the biggest secrets in the world of DC Comics has been revealed as one of its most iconic characters, an enigmatic villain, gets an official name. In the latest issue of Flashpoint Beyond #5, the Joker’s real name has been revealed: Jack Oswald White.

Is Gotham and The Batman connected?

Gotham is an American superhero crime drama television series developed by Bruno Heller, produced by Warner Bros. Television and based on characters from the Batman mythos in comic books published by DC Comics.

Why is Joaquin Phoenix not in The Batman?

#MattReeves said he never wanted a crossover between #Batman and #TheJoker. “Joker was meant to be a standalone that Joaquin Phoenix,and Todd Phillips were doing. There was never any discussion of crossover with them,” he said. Joker smashed the traditional structure of comic book films set by Marvel and DC.

Who is the next Joker?

Writer-director Todd Phillips shared on Instagram that Joaquin Phoenix will be returning as the titular Joker for sequel “Joker: Folie à Deux.” To note, folie à deux means an identical or similar mental disorder affecting two or more individuals, usually the members of a close family.

Who is Robert Pattinson’s Joker?

A deleted scene from The Batman shows Robert Pattinson’s titular character come face to face with his arch-nemesis the Joker, played by Barry Keoghan.

Will Phoenix play Joker again?

Popular on Variety. “Joker: Folie à Deux” is hitting theaters in 2024. The sequel, which sees the return of Joaquin Phoenix as Batman’s notorious foe, will debut on the big screen on Oct. 4, 2024 — exactly five years after the first film was released.

Who is the best Joker?

From Heath Ledger to Jared Leto: The 8 Best Jokers, Ranked
  • Cesar Romero – The original Batman series (1966 -1969)
  • Cameron Monaghan – Gotham (2015-2019)
  • Jared Leto – Suicide Squad (2016) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)
  • Joaquin Phoenix – Joker (2019)
  • Jack Nicholson – Batman (1989)

Is Joker 2 confirmed?

In early June, Phillips announced a Joker sequel via his Instagram, which you can view here. The director posted two pictures to his account. The first is the title page to the upcoming film’s script, which reveals that its title is Joker: Folie à Deux.

How Harley Quinn met the Joker?

Harleen Quinzel was a psychologist interning at Arkham Asylum when she first met the Joker. During their sessions, she became obsessed with the criminal and helped him escape the facility.

Why does Harley Quinn call Joker Puddin?


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Harley Quinn calls the Joker “puddin'” because he gave her a pudding cup when they first met.