Is Moon Knight part of the Avengers?

Moon Knight does have Avengers connections in the comics, but they don’t exactly support the idea of him joining the team. In his fact, his temporary stints with groups like the West Coast Avengers just prove why he doesn’t belong with them. Moon Knight doesn’t follow orders well and prefers working alone.

Why is Moon Knight not in the MCU?

And as head writer Jeremy Slater and the writers room started building out the story of “Moon Knight,” connections to the MCU started falling away. “There are little connectivity threads to the MCU,” executive producer Grant Curtis told TheWrap in a recent interview.

Is Moon Knight part of the MCU timeline?

Moon Knight hid its position in the MCU timeline in the smartest way. Starring Oscar Isaac as the MCU’s newest vigilante, Moon Knight was unlike any other Marvel Studios release to date. It was very much a standalone, carefully avoiding explicit referenced to other events in the MCU.

Is Moon Knight connected to the Eternals?

Many Marvel fans were disappointed by the lack of connections to the broader MCU in both Eternals and Moon Knight. Well, it turns out the two properties were originally going to crossover. “The season one finale of Moon Knight left us with many questions to ponder.

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Is Moon Knight in Doctor Strange 2?

Is Moon Knight in Doctor Strange 2? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Moon Knight does not have a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Not only do we not see Moon Knight, but Oscar Isaac does not make an appearance as Marc Spector, Steven Grant or Jake Lockley either.

Is Moon Knight connected to Thor?

Even though the Thor and Moon Knight franchises are seemingly separate from each other for the most part, their connections to the gods are certainly interesting to look at in the grand scheme of the MCU.

Was that Moon Knight at the end of Eternals?

Moon Knight writer/executive producer Jeremy Slater has revealed that an Eternals cameo was cut from the Disney Plus show. The series, which has wrapped up its six episode run on the streamer, had no major links to the MCU – and even the Moon Knight post-credits scene was completely cameo free.

Are the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight Eternals?

Moon Knight is one of Marvel’s most compelling and grounded superheroes, and featuring celestial beings like the Eternals would have been overkill, especially with six episodes to work with, a limited budget, and Egyptian Gods already present in the show.

Was Moon Knight teased in Eternals?

While the reference could almost go unnoticed by most people, the Eternals trailer teases the set-up of Moon Knight, and thus introduces Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next hero for Phase 4. The Crescent Crusader Marc Spector, played by none other than Oscar Isaac, will be seen making his debut on Disney+ in 2022.

How does Moon Knight fit in the MCU?

Moon Knight Finale

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Hawkeye takes place the week leading up to Christmas Day, which is right around the same time that Spider-Man: No Way Home wraps up. We already know that Hawkeye and No Way Home take place in late 2024. That means Moon Knight is set in the early months, possibly the Spring of 2025.

Do I need to watch anything before watching Moon Knight?

Curtis revealed that fans don’t have to be Moon Knight experts ahead of watching the show or even experts about anything in the MCU released previously.

Is Moon Knight in Thor Love and Thunder?

When we spoke with Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater earlier this year, he revealed his reasons as to why the villain wasn’t included in the series despite being popular with the fans.

Is Moon Knight a hero or villain?

Moon Knight is indeed a hero in both the comics and the TV show. However, he is more of an anti-hero instead of your usual comic book hero. And it’s important to understand the concept of what an anti-hero is to understand more about what makes Moon Knight one.

Do Moon Knight and Deadpool know each other?

Moon Knight and Deadpool certainly aren’t strangers in the original comics. As reported by ScreenRant, the two of them have met each other before in a 2010 comic series called Vengeance of the Moon Knight.

Who is stronger Moon Knight or Batman?

So, who is stronger between the two? Who would win in a fight between Moon Knight and Batman? In the battle of „heroes, “ Batman would win in a fight against Moon Knight. Even though he has no supernatural abilities, he would overcome Moon Knight with his intelligence, preparation, and experience.

Who is Moon Knight arch enemy?

Raoul Bushman is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is depicted as an enemy of Marc Spector, whose secret identity is Moon Knight. He is interchangeably also known as Roald Bushman.

What god is Moon Knight?

Khonshu is the Heliopolis god of the moon and vengeance, working through his servant Marc Spector, the vigilante known as Moon Knight!

Who gave Moon Knight his powers?

Hellbent left for dead in the desert, on a mercenary mission in Egypt, where an idol of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, saved him and gave him his moon-based powers.

Does Moon Knight immortal?

Immortality. Moon Knight also has the divine ability of immortality; unless Khonshu finds a new servant, Spector is functionally immortal.

Does Moon Knight have a weakness?

One of Moon Knights’ main weaknesses is his mental state. Spector struggles with frequent bouts of depression, and his multiple identities can often cause him to push away those who attempt to get close to him.

Can Moon Knight defeat Thor?

Putting it simply, Moon Knight would not stand a chance against him. None of Moon Knight’s gadgets even compare to Mjølnir, and Thor has no apparent weaknesses that Moon Knight could exploit. While Moon Knight could try to drain his life forces, it would be hard to even touch Thor due to his power of flight.


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