Is magnetic field zero inside a conductor?

Is magnetic field zero inside a conductor? Any external field applied to a perfect conductor will have no effect on its internal field configuration. The interior magnetic field is zero while the surface magnetic field is perpendicular to both the current density and the surface normal.

Is there an electric field inside a conductor? Electric field inside a conductor is always zero. Reason: The electricity conducting free electrons are only present on the external surface of the conductor. Resultantly, electric field is only present in the external surface of the conductor.

Why is there no field inside a conductor? The electric flux is nothing but the rate of flow electric field through the given area. Since the electric charges are not present inside the conductors, the electric field will remain zero.

Why field inside a conductor is zero? Due to a large number of electrons, the force of repulsion acting in between them is also very high. Hence in order to minimize the repulsion between electrons, the electrons move to the surface of the conductor. Hence we can say that the net charge inside the conductor is zero.

Is magnetic field zero inside a conductor? – Additional Questions

Can electric field pass through a conductor?

The net electric field inside a conductor is zero. Therefore, the electric field lines do not pass through a conductor.

What is the electric field on the surface of a conductor?

The electric field is zero inside a conductor. Just outside a conductor, the electric field lines are perpendicular to its surface, ending or beginning on charges on the surface. Any excess charge resides entirely on the surface or surfaces of a conductor.

Where can an electric field be found?

The electric field of a point charge can be obtained from Coulomb’s law: The electric field is radially outward from the point charge in all directions. The circles represent spherical equipotential surfaces. The electric field from any number of point charges can be obtained from a vector sum of the individual fields.

Can a magnetic field exist without an electric field?

No you can have a magnetic field without an electric field. Consider a rod with an equal number of positive and negative charges (such that they are equally spaced). Let the positive move to the left with speed v and the negative to the right with speed v. This will result in a magnetic field but no electric field.

What creates a magnetic field?

If you have a rotating electric current, it will create a magnetic field. On Earth, flowing of liquid metal in the outer core of the planet generates electric currents. The rotation of Earth on its axis causes these electric currents to form a magnetic field which extends around the planet.

What is difference between electric field and magnetic field?

A magnetic field is a field explaining the magnetic influence on an object in space. A electric field is a field defined by the magnitude of the electric force at any given point in space.

Why electric field is stronger than magnetic field?

The force acting on charged particle consists of two parts. The one created by electric field is independent form particle velocity, while the Lorentz force is proportional to particle velocity. Thus at v=0 the electric part of force acting on particle is infinitely stronger than magnetic part.

Why are most materials not magnetic?

In most substances, equal numbers of electrons spin in opposite directions, which cancels out their magnetism. That is why materials such as cloth or paper are said to be weakly magnetic. In substances such as iron, cobalt, and nickel, most of the electrons spin in the same direction.

Why is magnetic field perpendicular to electric?

For the scalar product between two vectors to be zero either one of them is the zero vector or they are perpendicular to each other. Therefore, the electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular.

Do magnetic fields carry energy?

A magnetic field can store the ability to do work. In order for magnetic energy to be used as work, the magnetic field must transfer the energy to an entity (such as an electric field) that is able to do work directly.

What happens when 2 magnetic fields interact?

When opposite ends of two magnets interact, their field lines connect the north pole of one with the south pole of another, and the two attract. When the same ends of two magnets interact, they repel because the lines cannot cross and are compressed by each other.


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