How were the Diamonds in Steven Universe created?

-The Diamonds are creations of another alien race themselves before they revolted. -Like the Titans in greek mythology they were born from the (sentient) homeworld. Before overthrowing their “mother” and taking her over.

Who created the Gems in Steven Universe?

The Crystal Gems are a rebellious group of Gems established by Rose Quartz who disagree with the customs and principles of Homeworld society, particularly on its perspective toward life. Five thousand years ago, Rose instigated the Rebellion against the Homeworld Gems to protect the Earth.

Who is the creator of White Diamond?

White Diamonds is a perfume created in 1991 by actress Elizabeth Taylor. The perfume, advertised with a cinematic TV commercial starring Taylor, was an enormous and enduring commercial success, with total sales of $1.5 billion as of 2018.

Did White Diamond create the other Diamonds?

Conclusion. White Diamond is the most powerful of the Diamonds within the Great Diamond Authority. White Diamond controls the actual Homeworld and the star system that it lies in. White Diamond created the other Diamonds to establish new colonies when resources in the Homeworld star system were running low.

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What was white diamond’s flaw?

Her flaw was that she thought was the only form of perfection, and her choices are also flawless. It’s actually well grounded in the id, ego, superego structure. White saw Steven as Pink, and she was 100% sure that it was Pink.

Why did Pink Diamond rebel?

Changing tactics, she began gathering an army of gems dissatisfied with the rigid Homeworld caste system who would fight for the Earth and their own freedom. Pink Diamond created a false origin story for her Rose Quartz persona to inspire gems to join her rebel cause and help mask her identity.

What happens when White Diamond removes Steven’s Gem?

Steven loses his gem

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The answer, it turns out, is that he would need to reform: Once White Diamond pulls out his Gem in an effort to revive Pink Diamond, Steven is left deadly ill, while the Gem goes through the stages of its own evolution from Pink to Rose Quartz to Steven.

Is White Diamond the strongest Steven Universe?

Out of Pink, Yellow, and Blue Diamond, Blue Diamond is the most rare. As for value, Blue and Yellow are tied for most, White is in second, and Pink is the least valuable. Excluding White Diamond from this part, but out of the diamonds, Blue’s court is the most powerful.

Is White Diamond the mother?

The Great Diamond Authority

In the recent “Change Your Mind” The Steven Universe Podcast, it is stated that White Diamond has a motherly role among the Diamonds and serves as a mother figure to the Diamonds and serves as an mother figure to the other ones.

What happened to Pink Diamond’s first Pearl?

As foreshadowed in “Change Your Mind”, she was later taken away from Pink Diamond by White Diamond, in response to Pink’s behavior, and eventually replaced by another Pearl, likely due to the physical and psychological damage caused to her first.

Did Rose ever love Pearl?

Yes, Pearl loved Rose deeply, and Steven’s presence is a constant reminder that Rose didn’t love her in quite the same way. (Never mind what happened in “Now We’re Only Falling Apart,” because their iffy relationship dynamics are another essay.)

Who is the strongest gem in Steven Universe?

In terms of non-fused Gems, Jasper is potentially the strongest fighter in the universe. She’s incredibly skilled in combat, nearly indestructible, and totally ruthless.

Did Greg know Rose was Pink Diamond?

Why can’t Rose and Steven both exist?

The only difference is that a Gem/human fusion can’t unfuse the way a normal fusion can. You can’t separate the human from the Gem after it has been fused. Steven is therefore a permanent fusion. This explains what Rose means when she says, “Steven, we can’t both exist.

Was Pink Diamond abusive?

Simply put, Pink Diamond was a domestic abuser. That isn’t even presented through the guise of some sort of fantasy metaphor like most of the other times Steven Universe has dealt with upsetting adult themes.

How did Rose Quartz become pregnant?

The crewniverse have said that Rose shapeshifted a womb for Steven. Nothing more, nothing less. Any other explanation on how Steven was created is up to your discretion and imagination.

Can Pink Diamond come back?

Even when a gem is shattered, their conciousness is still spread across all the shards- so they can in theory be put back together, healed and be fine. But Pink Diamond is likely the first gem to actually be dead since she was stated to be completely gone.

What was Lion to Rose Quartz?

Lion was once a normal wild lion, presumably owned by Rose Quartz in the desert hundreds of years ago (where he would have briefly met Buddy Buddwick when he traveled into the desert). After dying through unknown means, Lion was resurrected by Rose, granting him pink skin and magical abilities.

Can Gems give birth?

While biological reproduction is an alien concept to Gems, it is not impossible for them; while Gems can’t reproduce with each-other they can create Gem-hybrid offspring. Using their shape-shifting they can perfectly replicate reproductive organs of organic beings for their “human constructs” in order to reproduce.

How did Rose become Steven?

Rose later developed a romantic relationship with the human Greg Universe before giving up her physical form to give birth to their son Steven, who inherited her gemstone thus making her part of him.

Did Rose Quartz shatter pink diamond?

However in “A Single Pale Rose”, Rose Quartz was actually revealed to be Pink Diamond and it’s also revealed that her shattering was fake the entire time in order to stop Earth’s colonization one final time after Blue and Yellow Diamond would not let her abandon the colony.


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