How long does it take to study science laboratory technology?

The Degree Programme in Science Laboratory Technology intends to offer a five/and or four-year standard degree programme leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Where can science laboratory technology can work?

Hospitals, Educational institutions, Food industries, Oil companies, Breweries, Petrochemical industries, Pharmaceutical companies, Agro-based industries, Cosmetics industries, Quality control officers in different companies, Some others include water industry, pharmacology research labs, Physiology research labs,

What are the courses under SLT?

degree in Science Laboratory Technology with specialization in any of the following options:
  • Biochemistry and Chemistry Technology.
  • Biomedical Technology.
  • Geology and Mining Technology.
  • Industrial Chemistry and Petrochemical Technology.
  • Microbiology Technology.
  • Physics with Electronics Technology.

What’s the difference between science laboratory technology and medical laboratory science?

They both work in the lab and perform tests on biological samples, however, a medical lab scientist typically has more education and is able to perform more involved lab work. A medical lab technician performs more of the routine lab work and is often supervised by a medical lab scientist.

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Can I cross from SLT to medicine?

So you are asking to know if you can cross from a polytechnic SLT to MLS in any Nigerian University? Well, the shortest answer to this question is yes. As long as tertiary education in Nigeria is taken into account, students are free to cross from one course to another.

Can a science lab technician work in the hospital?

Generally speaking you can work in almost any medical, farmaceutical, and biotechnological lab. Some countries require you to have a specific diploma to work in medical labs, though. You can work in 24h labs, toxicology labs, immunology labs, microbiology labs,… and a whole lot of different ones.

How much is science laboratory technology salary in Nigeria?

For specialist with mid-level (working experience from 3 to 9 years) is 88,000 Naira. And senior-level laboratory technicians with experience starting from 10 years can earn up to 1,240,000 Naira.

Where can a SLT student work in Nigeria?

There are many places in Nigeria that you can work with Science Laboratory Technology degree. These places include banks, manufacturing companies, schools, universities, health care institutions, research firms, government agencies etc.

What is BS medical laboratory science?

The BS Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) is a four-year program that provides the students foundation in the fundamentals of medical laboratory science, scientific concepts and principles of the different laboratory analyses and determinations to develop skills in critically analyzing laboratory processes

Can I study SLT in poly?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), has recommended 140 as the Polytechnic cut off mark for science laboratory technology. Note: candidates that choose to study SLT in any Nigerian polytechnic must have a JAMB score of 140 or above.

What is SLT called in University?

Science laboratory technology (SLT) is one of the lucrative science fields to study in Nigeria, including federal universities that offer science laboratory technology in Nigeria and other Nigerian universities offering science laboratory technology.

What is the cut off mark for SLT?

LASPOTECH Cut Off Mark. To be eligible to participate in LASPOTECH Post UTME screening exercise, you must have scored 130 and above in the last Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). See the approved cut off marks for various courses for 2021/2022 session below: Accountancy – 170.

Can I study SLT without physics?

JAMB UTME Subject Combination for Science Laboratory

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According to the JAMB brochure, SLT requires any three (3) of Mathematics, Biology/Agricultural Science or Physics. These are general requirements.

Is maths compulsory for SLT in JAMB?

For Jamb you may or may not enroll Mathematics, i.e maths is not required in jamb to study Science Laboratory Technology, it is only compulsory in your O’ level. Other Subjects: English Language, Chemistry and Biology are required for both Jamb and your O’ level if you must study Science Laboratory Technology.

Can I study SLT without Mathematics?

NO! Mathematics is not a COMPULSORY subject for Science Laboratory Technology. This means that you can study Science Laboratory Technology at any University in Nigeria without Mathematics. However, English, Biology, and Chemistry are the four (4) compulsory subjects for Science Laboratory Technology in JAMB.

Can I use D7 in Physics to enter University?

At least a pass (D7 or E8) in Physics is required. Federal University, Dustin-Ma, Katsina State accepts five (5) O’level credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and one (1) of Physics, Geography, Health Science, or Agricultural Science. Pass (D7 or E8) in Physics will be accepted.

Which university accepts D7 in English?

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK/NAU) Anambra State accepts D7 in English Language. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University formerly Anambra State University Uli, Anambra State (COOU) accepts O’level pass (D7/E8) in English Language.

Is D7 fail in NECO?

This is because both D7 and E8 are GENERALLY REFERRED to as pass. They’re not just credit passes such as C6, C5, or C4.

Is D7 good in WAEC result?

D7 is not a good grade in WAEC, the minimum grade that is regarded as pass in WAEC is C6, any grade lesser than that cannot be considered good.

What Mark is A1 in WAEC?

WASSCE Grading System
Grade Equivalent Percentage
A1 1 (75-100)%
B2 2 (70-74)%
B3 3 (65-69)%
C4 4 (60-64)%
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What score is A1 in NECO?

Excellent A+