Can-Am Maverick clutch bolt torque?

Can-Am Maverick clutch bolt torque? factory spec. Install drive clutch bolt and torque to 89ft-lbs.

How do you torque a clutch pressure plate? Tighten all bolts evenly, ¼ turn at a time in a crisscross pattern until pressure plate is completely drawn-up to the flywheel. Final torque to: 25 – 28 ft/lbs. Note: These specifications apply only to the fasteners supplied by Centerforce.

Can-Am primary clutch bolt size? 

Our hex head M12 x 135 mm 12.9 bolt is able to be re-used multiple times.

2006-2020 Can-Am Outlander UPGRADED Primary Hex Clutch Bolt.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 1 in

What is the torque on a Polaris primary clutch? Hold the primary clutch using a clutch holding tool (SLP #20-202) and torque the primary clutch retaining bolt to 80 ft/lbs (130 Nm).

Can-Am Maverick clutch bolt torque? – Additional Questions

Can Am Outlander secondary clutch bolt torque specs?

Clutch Bolt Torque Specs
43 Model Secondary ft/lbs
44 400 Outlander EFI 4×4 See note 1
45 400 Outlander 4×4 44
46 450 Outlander L/Max L 4×4 See note 1

How do you torque a Rzr clutch?

How do you install a primary clutch on a Polaris RZR?

How do you make a Polaris clutch puller?

How do you remove a primary clutch without a puller?

How to Remove a Snowmobile Clutch Without a Puller
  1. Flip the snowmobile on its side.
  2. Remove engine housing to expose the clutch.
  3. Remove clutch bolt.
  4. Wrap the Grade 8 bolt or clutch bolt with Teflon tape.
  5. Fill clutch bolt hole with water.
  6. Insert the bolt and tighten.
  7. Make repairs/replacements and then reassemble.
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What thread is a Polaris clutch puller?

Threaded length: 50mm.

How do you remove a primary clutch that is stuck?

How do you make a clutch removal tool?

How do you remove the secondary clutch on a Polaris?

How does a snowmobile clutch puller work?

The puller’s threads are farther back and a larger diameter, it threads into the clutch, and the longer unthreaded portion in front of it pushes up against the crank. As you tighten the puller, it pushes harder against the crank until the clutch pops free.

How do you remove the clutch from a Polaris Sportsman?

How do you clean a primary Polaris clutch?

How do you take apart a Polaris primary clutch?

What does an EPI clutch Kit do?

Can Am defender clutch kit install?

How does a Can Am clutch work?

How do you clean a Can Am clutch?

Compressed air works to get the dust out. If it is really dirty from being submerged in muddy water then use water. With air or water, start it up and get the sheaves spinning as you blow it out. You will have to let it dry first before you can drive it, though if you use water.


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